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Top 10 Marketing Ideas COVID-19

No question, the Coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 present an unprecedented “crisis marketing” challenge to marketers of all types and sizes, consumer and business-to-business marketers alike. Consumers and business customers are distracted to say the least. Many businesses are closed, people are working remotely for the first time, or even losing their jobs. And many are busy shopping to stock up for the inevitable lock down. Given this environment, is it even appropriate to do marketing?  The answer is an unequivocal yes, but likely in different ways. Intuitively, clear and timely communication is required. Customers and prospects need to know that you are still doing business, or how you are doing business, e.g., revised hours, online sales, shipping schedules, etc. So what are ...

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How to Market to Millennial B2B Buyers image

Marketing to Millenial B2B Buyers

The millennials are growing up, and as they do so, they move to more prominent, decision making roles. Take company B2B buying committees, for example. 82% now include at least one millennial employee. Considering the majority of buying teams now have some millennials to impress, it’s important to consider what they’re looking for when making purchasing decisions. So what roles do millennials play on their buying teams? 13% Decision-Maker 27% Influencer 17% Project Manager 38% Researcher This information shows that most millennials are not yet making the final decisions, but the fact that so many are researchers and influencers shows that they have an effect on the final decision. Without impressing them, you’ll likely never be seen by the decision-makers, so ...

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Jeep’s Movember: Simultaneously Tackling Social Media and Cause Marketing image


Jeep just wrapped up its Movember promotion. The promotion uniquely accomplished both social media and cause marketing. This is because fans could only enter on Twitter or Instagram using designated hashtags. Further, the movement was meant to spread awareness on men’s health issues. Cause Marketing Jeep partnered with Movember on this promotion. Movember is a nonprofit organization that promotes men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. This nonprofit encourages men to spread awareness by adopting a “No-Shave November” rule. Men grow out their facial hair during the month to symbolize their support for the cause. And since social media use is always seemingly on the rise, that allows participants to take their support to a new level: broadcasting on public online platforms. Jeep partnered ...

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Bell Let’s Talk: Cause Marketing Done Right image

Bell is a Canadian telecom company that launched a successful mental health campaign in 2010. The initiative is called Let’s Talk and aims to ‘end the stigma’ of mental illness. Since its inception, the program has donated over $100 million to mental health organizations. Celebrities like Mary Walsh open up about their experiences with mental illness to create awareness and reduce stigma. Their work has not only helped the lives of many, but it acts as a great source of marketing for Bell Canada. It is a free form of PR and improves the brand image. In our white paper on Cause Marketing, we address 6 Tips for Effective Cause Marketing. Bell Let’s Talk matches this list perfectly. 1. Pick your nonprofit ...

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Cause Marketing 101 – Infographic image

In our last blog post we shared 6 tips for effective cause marketing. Is there a business case to be made for such efforts? 278 million Americans want to know what a company is doing to benefit a cause. The following infographic shares the types of cause marketing, projections of cause marketing spend, who is using, how it influences purchasing behavior, the leading issues consumers think companies should address, and 6 tips for effective cause marketing. For more information on cause marketing, be sure to read our whitepaper, How Brands Can Use Cause Marketing For Results. You can share/embed the infographic on your website using the embed code below. Cause Marketing Infographic (click to view full size) How Brands Can Use ...

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How Brands Can Use Cause Marketing For Results image

Once a philanthropic tactic practiced by billion dollar mega-brands, cause marketing has grown to be a key element in the marketing mix for companies and brands of all types and sizes. Research shows 75% of consumers believe companies should support charities and nonprofits with financial donations, while 61% say they will buy a new brand if it supports a cause they care about (Do Well Do Good). Cause marketing allows companies the opportunity to succeed financially while simultaneously doing something good for the community. In our recently published whitepaper, How Brands Can Use Cause Marketing For Results, we shared the types of cause marketing, cause marketing tips, case studies, and an infographic. Below we will share 6 tips for effective ...

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