Bell is a Canadian telecom company that launched a successful mental health campaign in 2010. The initiative is called Let’s Talk and aims to ‘end the stigma’ of mental illness. Since its inception, the program has donated over $100 million to mental health organizations. Celebrities like Mary Walsh open up about their experiences with mental illness to create awareness and reduce stigma.

Their work has not only helped the lives of many, but it acts as a great source of marketing for Bell Canada. It is a free form of PR and improves the brand image.

In our white paper on Cause Marketing, we address 6 Tips for Effective Cause Marketing. Bell Let’s Talk matches this list perfectly.

1. Pick your nonprofit wisely.

Most companies will usually partner with an external nonprofit to create an impact. When companies have the resources, they are sometimes able to create a program internally. With the proper resources, Bell was able to create a successful program that employees cared about.

2. Integrate the cause into your company culture.

Because the nonprofit is internal, the program matches the company’s values. In Bell’s Corporate Responsibility Report, the company positions itself as an active corporate citizen. It balances economic, environmental, and social objectives to provide gains that go beyond the financial.

3. Give more than just money.

Bell doesn’t just provide money. One of the main objectives is ending the stigma of mental illness. This requires more than money, but rather access to information about mental health. The website offers a multitude of resources for those with mental health and those who want to get involved, including advice, facts, and videos.

4. Be transparent, demonstrate impact.

Bell is very clear on what the program has done and will do. The site includes how much the organization has earned, the initiatives, and stories about the grants it has given.

5. Leverage free PR.

The company includes a media page on its main website with all of its press releases. The company was sure to include releases about Let’s Talk, including money raised and program events.

6. Harness the power of social media.

Let’s Talk uses social media very effectively. On Bell’s Let’s Talk Day 2016, users were encouraged to tweet about mental health. Under the ‘End the Stigma’ page, the organization features tweets users have posted. The videos on the same page include social media icons, allowing visitors to easily share them.

Bell is making a widespread effort to expand a cause that is important to them. Their publicity choices are wise, with the use of press releases and active social media engagement to spread awareness. This not only helps the cause, but the goodwill of the company.

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