Jeep just wrapped up its Movember promotion. The promotion uniquely accomplished both social media and cause marketing. This is because fans could only enter on Twitter or Instagram using designated hashtags. Further, the movement was meant to spread awareness on men’s health issues.

Cause Marketing

Jeep partnered with Movember on this promotion. Movember is a nonprofit organization that promotes men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. This nonprofit encourages men to spread awareness by adopting a “No-Shave November” rule. Men grow out their facial hair during the month to symbolize their support for the cause. And since social media use is always seemingly on the rise, that allows participants to take their support to a new level: broadcasting on public online platforms.

Jeep partnered with this group to promote its 2016 Jeep Renegade, while also promoting this male issue. Those who tweeted both hashtags entered for a chance to win the new car.

The contest acted as great publicity for both and helps Jeep to create great brand perception. Brands that partner with nonprofits tend to see favorable consumer reactions. Using social media as the tool of this cause marketing amplified the company’s nonprofit efforts.

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Social Media Entries

To enter the contest, fans had to post pictures of their November mustache. They could have also placed fake mustaches on their Jeeps, pets, etc. Photos were submitted on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags: #jeepstachecontest and #movember. Winners are yet to be determined, but according to Jeep, winners will be selected based on “creativity, quality, and originality.”

Social media contests are always a great promotional tool. Users have an incentive to use your branded hashtag, and as a result, more people are likely to participate. This helps your branded hashtag to reach thousands of Instagram users. Further, if you launch a really effective campaign, the hashtag has the potential to trend on the social platforms, making it even more visible. Social trends have the potential to reach millions of users, so its benefits are hard to ignore.

Jeep kept this firmly in mind and encouraged entrants to use both of the hashtags listed above. Both Jeep and nonprofit organization Movember have a branded hashtag, so each one uniquely brings attention to the brands.

Perfect Partnership: Social Media and Cause Marketing

Social media and cause marketing seem to work really well together. Cause marketing’s benefits are amplified by the scale of social media platforms, whereas cause campaigns on social media give branded accounts a positive engagement boost.

Smaller business? This can be achieved on a smaller scale. By partnering with a local charity, you can launch a social contest of your own related to the local charity’s cause. You’re contributing to your community and mutually gaining awareness. A win-win.