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Yes, you heard it correctly, holiday cards can be a marketing initiative, and successful as well. It’s that time of year. From holiday pictures to office holiday parties, this time of year is guaranteed stuff your stocking with fun business networking opportunities. As the end of the fiscal year draws near and the finish line is just now in sight, let us not dash past these perfect opportunities the holidays provide. From reconnecting with past business associates, to looking at the new year ahead, creating new marketing pitches, or just simply reminding your clients of your great services—the possibilities are endless. But before you get ready to copy and paste another generic holiday email image, stop and consider these three ...

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Valentine’s day is a cash cow for the greeting card, flower, candy, jewelry, and the retail gift industry. The average annual Valentine’s Day spending is $13.19 billion, with over 180 million Valentine’s Day cards exchanged annually, and 196 million roses produced for the special day (StatisticBrain). Notoriously a consumer holiday, is there any opportunity for B2B brands to have Valentine’s Day promotions? Below we will share the pros and cons of Valentine’s Day marketing, 6 B2B Valentine’s Day marketing ideas, and a Valentine’s Day infographic. The Pros and Cons of Valentine’s Day Marketing Valentine’s day marketing is a given for some companies (jewelry, flowers, etc.), but perhaps not so obvious for others (B2B). Before your B2B company starts to plan ...

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