Yes, you heard it correctly, holiday cards can be a marketing initiative, and successful as well.

It’s that time of year. From holiday pictures to office holiday parties, this time of year is guaranteed stuff your stocking with fun business networking opportunities. As the end of the fiscal year draws near and the finish line is just now in sight, let us not dash past these perfect opportunities the holidays provide. From reconnecting with past business associates, to looking at the new year ahead, creating new marketing pitches, or just simply reminding your clients of your great services—the possibilities are endless. But before you get ready to copy and paste another generic holiday email image, stop and consider these three tips to creating a successful customized holiday greeting card.

1.  Think Outside the Card

Now that we have agreed to avoid the e-blast of digital images disguised as a greeting we can venture into other options.

Like other marketing campaigns, holiday greetings can leverage multiple channels of communications, not just the card. We still love snail mail because cards can be shared at the recipients place of business (hung on door, taped to bulletin board, etc.) TIP: mail early for maximum visibility. But the holiday card message and image can be extended to email blasts, website banners, social media profile images, posters and more.

2. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ditch the cliché seasonal images, and possibly not politically correct religious images, in favor of humorous or unexpected images. Office photos are the perfect way to customize your holiday card. It allows you the ability to highlight the year’s supply of business successes without cluttering the card with text. Did you change locations or hire new employees? No matter the time of year, these are good indications of growth. Take advantage of this by creating a custom holiday card to let your entire network know about the positive office additions. So this holiday season, gather your photographs and create that holiday card that is sure to generate future business opportunities.

3. All Different Shapes and Sizes

When designing a customized holiday card be sure to consider what the shape and size of your card will say about your business? Think about what tone, attitude, and overall message you want your recipient to take away before they even glance at the text. Understanding the answer to this question will help you design a custom card that will double as a successful marketing piece.

Creating a customized card is a gesture that will generate more attention for your business and will increase the likelihood of it being displayed around there office; but chances are that card will not still be hanging around come this July. However, sending a customized holiday card that is also a calendar for the new year ensures your “business card” is displayed every day of the year! Incorporate your company logo, color theme, and image to create an impressionable memory throughout the year.

Business-to-business brands can leverage holiday greetings to thank customers or clients for their business during the past year, and to suggest a continued relationship.

Because your company primarily sells to other businesses rather than consumers, does not mean you cannot participate in the holiday season. While your marketing techniques may be a little different than the jingle bells and fa-la-la-ing that occurs in the B2C market, do not let this discourage your creativity! Use the holidays and these marketing tips as a time to stretch the boundaries of your traditional message. Check out Top B2B Holiday Cards, or check out our 2013 holiday card below:

Pool Sharks (Modern Marketing Partners 2013)

Agency Holiday Card 2013