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Mobile Marketing Tactics

The mobile marketing space continues to expand and mature, encompassing everything from search engine optimization and marketing to text messaging to display ads. Many companies simply cannot afford to be left out in the cold when it comes to leveraging mobile outreach into their marketing strategy. Therefore, marketers need to learn how to successfully navigate the robust and ever-changing mobile landscape in 2019. The numbers indicate this powerful phenomenon will only continue to gain momentum in years to come. According to recent statistics, currently in the U.S. 92 percent of millennials use smartphones, 85 percent of GenXers and 67 percent of Baby Boomers. The affordability of phones and data have lead to smartphones rapid adoption rates, which are expected to ...

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Direct Mail

Many marketers are moving away from traditional forms of marketing, including direct mail. Despite this fact, however, direct mail still seems to be proving its value. With one of the best response rates among marketing mediums, even among young adults, direct mail proves itself to still be a valuable form of marketing communication. Take a look at some direct mail stats and reasons to consider the medium yourself. Direct Mail Statistics Stats for direct mail might surprise you. The response rate is high, even among young audiences. ROI, however, may be lacking when you compare direct mail to its digital counterpart: email. Best response rate: 5.1% response rate , according to the DMA. By comparison, email and paid search receive a 0.6% response ...

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email marketing best practices

Our last blog discussed forming email strategy goals and a target audience. Here, we’ll re-visit 5 of our best practices from 2014, because the same ideas ring true today: (1) strategic subject lines, (2) avoiding spam filters, (3) calls-to-action, (4) mobile-optimizing, and (5) personalization. We’ve ramped it up with some current stats and facts. Use Strategic Subject Line Keywords To start, subject lines are the first thing customers see, so if you want a customer to open your email, it’s important to carefully craft a good subject. Focusing on subject line keywords, we take a look at how 6 common keywords perform: “You” – opened 5% less than those without “Free” – opened 10% more than those without “Quick” – opened ...

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Direct Mail Best Practices: Part 2 image

Direct Mail Campaigns are still a viable option to convert potential leads into customers; but this said, direct mail provides challenges and campaign structure.  In Part 1, we covered the development and planning of your mailing list, including best practices on how to do so.  In part 2, we will cover the development of your direct mail from package design to letterhead. Thanks again to Eric Gagnon, contributor to Tuesday Marketing Notes (TMN) of the Business Marketing Institute, we would like to share the insight provided in Tuesday Marketing Notes: Executing Your Company’s B2B Direct Mail Projects Direct Mail Package Design Next to your mailing list, the direct mail package is the most important element in your company’s direct mail projects. The ...

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Direct Mail Best Practices: Part 1 image

What do you need to know about direct mail campaigns? Still a viable option to convert potential leads into customers, direct mail provides challenges and campaign structure.  In this three part article, we will teach you the best practices for developing and managing your mailing list, designing your content for direct mail, and the planning and execution needed to succeed in such a campaign. With special thanks to Eric Gagnon, contributor to the Business Marketing Institute, we would like to share the insight provided in Tuesday Marketing Notes: Executing Your Company’s B2B Direct Mail Projects Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns Next to a promising mailing list and a hard-hitting, effective direct mail package, rapid, timely execution and diligent oversight are the two ...

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Despite rumors of its demise, catalog marketing can be successful when properly executed. Because of incumbent printing, production and postage costs, catalog marketing can be quite expensive and unprofitable if not implemented correctly. Beside high profile, big budget consumer catalogs like Crate and Barrel or Victoria’s Secret, what are effective techniques for business-to-business or niche market catalogs? In the new whitepaper, “Catalog Marketing Best Practices”, we share the Top 10 Catalog marketing best practices, along with some examples, and additional resources. Top 10 Catalog Marketing Best Practices 1. Brand Identity 2. Design 3. Copy 4. Photography 5. Easy Ordering 6. The Mail List 7. Promotions 8. Niche Catalogs 9. Cross-Channel Marketing 10. Measurement No question, catalog marketing is declining with ever-rising postage and printing costs, and of recent, the pending elimination of Saturday ...

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Direct Mail for B2B – 5 Tips! image

Direct mail is still a top marketing tactic for B2B Companies. Why is direct mail still important? It can get delivered to decision makers that might not open email, it can be personalized, it can break through the “clutter”, and it can now be easily integrated with digital media! Therefore, it would be detrimental to leave direct mail out of your marketing mix! But how can you incorporate direct mail into a B2B multichannel marketing strategy? Chief Marketer interviewed Michele Fitzpatrick from The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks and Kevin Kerner from Mason Zimbler US on this topic. Below you will find 5 tips on using direct mail in a B2B multichannel strategy from the interview. 1. Make it Meaningful In order to grab ...

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