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Native Advertising: What It Is and How to Use It Most Effectively standard

There are more and more advertisements. Everywhere we see advertisements for goods, services, entertainment as on Because of this variety and sheer number, fewer and fewer people want to watch it. Users turn on blockers, and advertisers are looking for ways to bypass this resistance and sell a product or service. And one of them is native advertising. Today we'll tell you how businesses can work with this marketing tool, not scare away, but attract audiences. What Is Native Advertising? According to researchers, users are gradually getting used to advertising messages and ignore them. What should advertisers do? Mask advertising as natural content. Native, or natural advertising, mimics the environment. It differs from conventional advertising because it is perceived as part of ...

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A Look at How Advertising Has Changed Over the Years standard

Over the years, advertising has taken on many new forms so that it is a continually evolving industry. You have probably never stopped to think about it but, even as far back as the ancient Egyptians, some form of advertising existed. Those carvings on steel found by archaeologists are believed to be a form of early advertising, which is actually quite possible. Outdoor marketplaces were where most commerce took place. Craftsmen and farmers brought their wares to be sold, so it stands to reason they would want word to get around promoting their goods. Even in the humblest beginnings of commerce you can find examples of early marketing or advertising which have seen a myriad of evolutions along the way ...

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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Outdoor Banners standard

These days when people think about how to advertise and promote their businesses, they will automatically start researching different digital marketing strategies. A great website, engaging social media, and perfectly optimized online content are all well and good, but there are some simpler, more traditional forms of marketing that are still as successful as they ever were. Outdoor banners have been helping businesses to succeed for decades, and they are an ideal way to bring in new customers and boost sales. Here are 3 reasons why your business needs outdoor banners. 1. To Show Customers Where You Are Despite the famous assertion, just because you have built it, there is absolutely no guarantee that they will come. In order to make ...

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7 Foundational Elements You Must Think About When Advertising Your New Auckland, NZ Business standard

Congratulations! Starting a business is an admirable feat. A life goal for many, starting such an endeavor is something to be celebrated! Now that you have your idea, name, and product all figured out, it is time to think about advertising! Wanting to help you work smarter and not harder, we crafted a list of 7 foundational elements you must think about when advertising your new business. 1. Search Engine Optimization Everyone is quick to search the internet for their needs. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and beyond are usually the first step in people's search to find exactly what they are looking for. With search engine optimization, you can ensure that your business pops up in the results. The best way to ...

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Social Ads Coming Soon to WhatsApp image

Social Adds Coming Whats App

Marketers need to begin preparing for WhatsApp advertising. Facebook is all set to start cashing in on the massive popularity of its free messaging application. With 1.5 billion total users and 450 million daily active users worldwide, you had to know it was bound to happen sooner or later. Late last summer, Facebook introduced News Feed ads that could be launched right in the encrypted chat app. This made it possible for advertisers to utilize Facebook to engage consumers and get them to start a chat with a business or a brand on WhatsApp. Facebook recently further enhanced their click-to-WhatsApp ad capabilities by providing traffic, conversions, and post page engagement objectives to these specific campaigns. This allows for better integration and tracking between Facebook and WhatsApp, creating a stronger ...

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Maximizing Mobile with Targeting and Personalization image

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Adults in the U.S. are expected to spend on average three and half hours on non-voice mobile media, and about 70 percent of their media time and 90 percent of their social media time on their smartphones. It’s settled then, right? You understand that mobile marketing offers increase customer engagement and selling opportunities, and it’s time to create an approach into the mobile environment. Mobile Marketing Benefits Experts agree that companies utilizing mobile strategies are seeing benefits such as improved cost efficiencies, closer connectivity with customers, and more accurate data points. That’s because for marketers, mobile advertising provides a more effective way to target and retarget their audiences, create higher-level personalization, and be freed of barriers like time and location. Another key ...

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Meet Customers Where They Live With Mobile Marketing image

Mobile Marketing Tactics

The mobile marketing space continues to expand and mature, encompassing everything from search engine optimization and marketing to text messaging to display ads. Many companies simply cannot afford to be left out in the cold when it comes to leveraging mobile outreach into their marketing strategy. Therefore, marketers need to learn how to successfully navigate the robust and ever-changing mobile landscape in 2019. The numbers indicate this powerful phenomenon will only continue to gain momentum in years to come. According to recent statistics, currently in the U.S. 92 percent of millennials use smartphones, 85 percent of GenXers and 67 percent of Baby Boomers. The affordability of phones and data have lead to smartphones rapid adoption rates, which are expected to ...

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Integrating Digital Signage to Deliver Customer Engagement image

Digital Signage

Digital signage is growing in marketing and advertising usage across industries. In 2015, the digital signage market was valued at nearly $17 billion and is expected to continue growing to reach approximately $33 billion by 2023. Multi-screen video walls, free-standing kiosks, tablet devices, and other products can deliver information about a company’s products and services through quality graphics and videos. The very nature of digital signage allows for companies to really showcase new promotions, important announcements, and real-time product descriptions to gain the edge over their competition. You might not even realize how prevalent they are today, but your daily life is full them. Think the mall, grocery store, health club, financial institution, provider office visit, etc. all of which ...

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Generate B2B Buzz with Facebook Lead Ads image

Facebook Lead Ads

Small business owners face the challenge of being found in a highly competitive market crowded with many similar products and services. Consumers’ easy access to an enormous amount of information makes it even more difficult for companies to reach and convert leads into lasting customers. Facebook offers a way to initially attract potential customers through advertising and then interact with them through ongoing, personal engagement tactics inherent to the platform. Many small and medium-sized businesses, especially those in the service sector, may consider LinkedIn to be the only social network able to deliver B2B leads. However, marketers are finding that Facebook also has the potential to generate results through solid tools and targeted markets for lead acquisition. The reason is in ...

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Time to Follow the New Google Better Ads Standards image

Google Ads

Have you noticed any less annoying ads while you’ve been surfing the web lately? In February, Google started blocking ads that violate the Coalition for Better Ads standards on mobile and desktop websites that are accessed through its Chrome browser. The Coalition for Better Advertising, which is comprised of advertising companies, tech companies (including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft), and publishers, surveyed 25,000 consumer internet users in North American and Europe to figure out what ads they considered are the most annoying. They used the results to develop a set of guidelines called the Better Ads Standards. Only ads that violate the standards will be blocked. “Advertising is a critical component of the web, keeping content open and free for everyone. However, ...

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A Guide to Google AdWords Remarketing image

Remarketing Google AdWords

Google AdWords remarketing, which is conducted through the Google Display network, is a powerful paid search strategy that allows you to target and reach people who have previously visited your website by showing them ads across the web. In this blog we will share what standard remarketing is and its benefits, some segmentation strategies, some important tips, and more! AdWords Remarketing Basics In the graphic below, we share a basic explanation of remarketing: It is worth noting that there are four different types of ads available: static image, animated image, video, or text ads. The Benefits of Using AdWords Remarketing Consider that only 2% of website traffic converts on their first visit. Remarketing can help you win back the 98% that didn’t convert. One benefit of ...

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Native Ads vs. Banner Ads image

You are more likely to die in a plane crash or win the lottery than click on a banner ad. You may have heard these statistics being discussed around the web, see more here. So, is native advertising any more effective? Lately there has been a lot of excitement surrounding native advertising. Below we will explore the effectiveness of native advertising beginning with the difference between native and banner ads, followed by an infographic that details the effectiveness of each, and an example of a controversial native advertisement from The Atlantic! What is Native Advertising? Native advertising uses text, photo, or video ads and integrates directly within content that is being viewed online, as opposed to banner ads which are off to ...

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Advertising Testing Tips image

Advertising is one of the most expensive elements in the marketing mix, whether print, broadcast or online. And because of the fickle and subjective nature of advertising, seemingly great ideas can flop, while unexpected approaches surprise even the most experienced marketers. With all financial investment at stake, it makes sense to gain insight into customer reaction. There are a variety of options for advertising testing. The extent of testing depends on the expected advertising budget-both ad production and placement. Clearly a $1.3 million Super Bowl spot requires more elaborate testing than a $20,000 print ad. So what are the advertising testing options? And when should you use one testing type vs. another? Advertising Testing Options Most experts agree on two broad types of advertising testing: ...

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