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B2B Customer Journey: How Not to Get Lost? standard

The customer journey is the process a customer goes through when buying a product or service. A B2B customer journey map is an interactive tool that shows how customers are targeted and engage with your brand. It provides insight into their needs and motivations, allowing you to tailor your marketing strategy accordingly. Why is the B2B Customer Journey important? The B2B customer journey map is an essential tool to help you understand how your customers interact with your business. It can be used to identify where customers are dropping out of the process and why and showcase opportunities for improvement. A B2B customer journey map represents the steps in a business-to-business (B2B) purchase funnel or process. A single purchase may have multiple ...

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How CRM Can Improve Customer Onboarding standard

Many businesses today focus on delivering quality rather than just making a sale. It is obvious, as building meaningful relationships with your customers is the key to beating off stiff competition. The early stage of fostering a connection with your users is customer onboarding. This process can either become the beginning of long-term loyal interaction, or your product may just get lost in the pile of ‘tried but not activated’. So let’s find out what is intimidating in the process of customer onboarding and discover ways how it can be improved with a CRM system. What is customer onboarding and why bother? Customer onboarding, in a nutshell, is the initial process of new users starting to use your product. It includes signing ...

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How Data and Personalization Inform the Customer Journey image

Omnichannel Marketing

Delivering a quality customer experience is at the top of every marketer’s list of priorities. This is because the customer experience encompasses so much today for so many industries. In banking, retail, restaurants, etc. everyone is vying for customer interactions, which now come at a premium. At this point, customers are tuned into way more than just transactions. If the opportunity presents itself they’ll engage with their favorite brands literally anytime and anywhere. To deliver two-way communication this requires meeting your customers where they are, in-person and online. It also requires having a firm understanding of your customers, including their preferences and what drives their behavior, which is the foundation of omnichannel marketing. When you know who your customers are, how they spend their time and where they spend their time, ...

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