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Youth and Society: Top 5 Modern Movements standard

Modern movements of the young are driving force behind any decisive change of culture and an indicator of the community’s well-being and prosperity. Youth and society are inseparable. Values and principles that young people uphold reflect the society they live in. For example, young people from poor districts tend to gather in gangs to ensure their safety and survival. Youth from thriving communities, in contrast, tend to organize movements to drive positive change. They aim to change other people, neighborhoods, cities, states, or even countries. Every advance they support is dedicated to raise awareness and fight the imperfections of the status quo. Young people with active positions and dedication believe they can fuel progress. With the penetration of social media, ...

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Is Your Marketing Modern? Get a Modern Marketing Report Card! image

Modern marketing is an evolved mix of strategic marketing, traditional marketing, internet and new media, and better results measurement. Modern marketing is more effective. More cost efficient. More measurable. More targeted. More social and mobile. Is your marketing modern? Modern Marketing Partners is now offering a free modern marketing report card for qualified marketers! The free Modern Marketing Report Card grades brand or company marketing effectiveness on a range of marketing parameters including: Brand execution Marketing programs Internet marketing Social media implementation Marketing results measurement Interested marketers can fill out a brief, web-based form and upload marketing samples. The Modern Marketing Partners team will grade submissions by category on a 4-point scale (4.0 = excellent), and provide an overall grade point average (GPA). Also, the report card includes three ...

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Modern Marketing Resolutions image

In this time of New Year’s resolutions, why not set some resolutions for achieving marketing success? Following are 5 key initiatives that can help marketers crush the competition and get that promotion. Commit to these modern marketing new year's resolutions to improve your bottom line. 1. Customer Insight The more you know about your customers, the more effective your marketing can be. Do market segmentation and sales analysis to identify top customers by sales and profit. Determine purchase criteria and decision-making process. Understand keyword search volume that drives website traffic. Conduct frequent surveys, and invest in market research. 2. Marketing Plan Larger brands do planning months before a fiscal year. But, even smaller companies should develop and implement a marketing plan. Establish a marketing ...

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Marketing Brochure Showcases Modern Marketing image

The Modern Marketing Partners agency services brochure is now available! Take a look at all of the projects we've worked on as well as the services we offer our clients. Not only does the brochure showcase several examples of marketing programs by Modern Marketing Partners, but it also raises questions to you on what you are doing to keep your marketing efforts up-to-date, efficient and well, modern! You can download your copy by clicking here. Then you will be able to view services and work examples that cover the following: Breakthrough branding and naming services Modern integrated marketing communications Website development and search optimization Advertising campaign management Social media marketing Traditional print advertising design and collateral Lead generation Content marketing Marketing for start-ups Integrated product launch Use the comment box below and tell ...

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Integrated Marketing Communications: A Modern Take on IMC image

No question, modern marketing is a new twist on Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC! And why not? IMC was invented over 20 years ago, before the Internet! With modern marketing comes a necessary need to redefine IMC into modern integrated marketing communications. MIMC? No, too many acronyms. How about Modern IMC? This blog shares some great history and background on IMC, followed by some insights into how IMC has changed with new marketing emphasis on Internet, search optimization, content and social media. IMC Background The next  two paragraphs that are excerpts from a Master's Thesis – Integrated Marketing Communications, IMC: Theory, Practice and Reality, by Alexandra Mimoun. The idea of Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC was conceived in the United States, at the end of the 1980s, ...

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Modern Marketing Top Ten Best Practices image

Ok, so modern marketing is very different than marketing 20 years ago. 10 years ago. Even 5 years ago. The Four P's are celebrating a 50 year anniversary. Without an update? Advertising is no longer the epicenter of marketing. It has been replaced by the Internet for all but the biggest retail and consumer brands, or 99% of all marketing! So what are modern marketing best practices? The modern marketing mix is multi-faceted. Multi-channel. Modern marketing is the integration of traditional marketing with Internet and social media. Strategic marketing drives Outbound and Inbound marketing. Content is king and marketing is more cost efficient and measurable than ever before. Any questions? So if you are a modern, successful marketer, what should you be doing? ...

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Modern Marketing Defined—Marketing Mix Infographic image

What is Modern Marketing? Glad you asked. To provide some context, let's go down memory lane. The internet launched circa 1995. Prior to that, advertising was the lead marketing strategy and tactic. In 1960, marketing professor and author E. Jerome McCarthy defined marketing as the Four P's: Product, Promotion, Price and Place. As recent as 1973, Webster's dictionary defined marketing as the advertising of products and services. To reference a famous tagline, "You've come a long way baby." Today, advertising is a secondary tactic for all but the biggest brands, primarily consumer and retail. Internet marketing and social media have become integral to the modern marketing mix. Let's take a closer look at modern marketing, inbound vs. outbound, traditional vs. digital. Our Modern Marketing Mix ...

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Modern Marketing University Welcomes You! image

Marketing has changed dramatically, and for the better. Modern Marketing University (MMU) is the training and thought leadership initiative of Modern Marketing Partners, an exciting, new marketing agency that is pioneering, well, modern marketing. The Modern Marketing University blog and many other resources of Modern Marketing Partners will share modern marketing practices, tips and case studies. Do register for free RSS feeds of this blog to your email. And look for announcements to register for free modern marketing training webcasts. We're implementing modern marketing everyday, so we have much to share. Become a Certified Modern Marketing Professional In 2013, Modern Marketing University will offer a professional certification program and designation, the Certified Modern Marketing Professional (CMMP), along with the Modern Marketing Awards! Sharing ...

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