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How To Make Your Remote Workers Feel Connected standard

Achieving success in the world of small business is extremely challenging, as most small business owners have many companies they compete against. If you want to get an edge over your competitors, assembling a team of highly-motivated and experienced employees is important. Over the past year, more business owners have started to use remote workers to fill their vacant positions. SInce so many businesses were forced to close their doors in response to the COVID-19 health pandemic, many employees were sent home to work for the first time. If you have employees working remotely, it can be a challenge to manage them effectively in this new environment. Making your remote employees feel connected is crucial when trying to keep them both ...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Work Productivity During COVID19 standard

Whether you’re working from home, starting your own business, or working in the office, the COVID19 crisis has definitely changed the way that many of us work over the past year. As a result, many of us have been struggling to stay as productive as we normally would be, especially when times are so uncertain. Thankfully, there are several lifestyle changes that you can make that will not only improve your workplace productivity but also your overall health and wellbeing. Improve Your Posture: If you have bad posture, then you might be dealing with symptoms like a sore back or shoulders after a few hours of work. Sitting in one place for a long period of time can be a huge ...

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5 Factors you should consider while choosing a Multi-Country Payroll System standard

A Payroll expert knows very well that even handling local payrolls has its own set of intricacies and complications.   However, when you expand your business globally, you need to manage a successful payroll system based on local laws and regulations.  As this situation persists, many business owners are looking forward to integrating with the global payroll software pricing system. Here are the five factors you should consider while considering a multi-country payroll system. 1) Locality expertise When you provide the tasks of managing the global payroll system to your internal team, they struggle to identify the wage requirements, language, and regulations. It is certainly not wise to rely on them. For example, European countries like Spain and Switzerland speaks four languages. So, it is tedious ...

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Should You Bundle Cable with Mobile or Phone Service? standard

We all would agree to the fact that our cable providers also want to be our phone providers or vice versa. While cable giants like Spectrum would want you to subscribe to Silver package Spectrum, they would also want you to take their phone services as part of the triple play plans. Bundle offers are getting more and more common. We also see some big mergers in the struggle for offering multiple services and beating the high competition with the dominating companies. We also observe the prices of cable companies rising as the cable networks continue to hike their cost. An insight into this would be the fact that the live sports networks charge more as cable companies are ...

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How to Make Full Use of AI for Your Business standard

It's impossible to talk about innovation without mentioning artificial intelligence. As organizations across different industries aim to maximize their profits, using automated platforms has become almost like a requirement for getting ahead of the curve. Then again, many businesses struggle with adopting AI-powered tools for increasing efficiency, but this is mostly because there is a lack of understanding of what such tools can actually do. Success in the modern business landscape will certainly rely on how you incorporate AI to complex and time-consuming processes. For that, let's look at a few practical ways you can make your investment in AI tools worth your while. Focus on streamlining prevalent issues Managing every component of your organization is tedious at best. You will need to ...

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3 Tips To Make Influencer Marketing Work In Your Digital Marketing Campaign standard

As the rise of influencer marketing continues, more businesses are trying to include it in their marketing campaigns. According to a 2019 survey by The Influencer Marketing Hub, 63 percent of brands plan to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2020. In addition to its ability to tap into consumer trust quickly, the ROI of influencer marketing can be rewarding and cost-effective - only 25 percent of brands that invest in influencer marketing fail to generate any revenue. In fact, 88 percent of marketers agree that it can be equal or better paying than the other marketing channels. However, to maximize the benefits of including influencer marketing in your marketing campaign, it needs to be the right fit. Set Your ...

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What Is The Best Alternative To Cable TV? standard

One of the foremost reasons why the general public stick to the cable is for the reason of sports and news channels. There are large numbers of online services that provide live sports and TV, and they incline to be more costly than regular streaming services. The basic Fubo and Hulu Live packages are around $54, however, you have got to pay some extra amount if you need access to additional channels. Sling basic packages price starts at $30, though, it also has add-on bundles. Add-ons? Will you have to pay more for additional channels? This sounds familiar. But why won’t this, for the reason that Live TV streaming companies are run and owned by the cable companies? Dish Network owns Sling ...

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How to Leverage POS Tech For Retailers standard

You might know how to use your POS system, but do you know how to use it to its fullest extent? If you’re paying for software, you’ll want to get the most from it that you possibly can to maximize your investment. A POS system in a retail environment can help advance your business, improve sales, and even bridge the gap between you and your customers. Leveraging POS tech starts with knowing the potential of your system. Let’s take a closer look at what POS systems can do for retailers, and how you can leverage your system to improve your retail space. Are You Using Your Reports? Most POS systems have the ability to generate detailed reports on hourly, daily, monthly, weekly, ...

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Youth and Society: Top 5 Modern Movements standard

Modern movements of the young are driving force behind any decisive change of culture and an indicator of the community’s well-being and prosperity. Youth and society are inseparable. Values and principles that young people uphold reflect the society they live in. For example, young people from poor districts tend to gather in gangs to ensure their safety and survival. Youth from thriving communities, in contrast, tend to organize movements to drive positive change. They aim to change other people, neighborhoods, cities, states, or even countries. Every advance they support is dedicated to raise awareness and fight the imperfections of the status quo. Young people with active positions and dedication believe they can fuel progress. With the penetration of social media, ...

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Shake Up Your Marketing in 2019 image

Shake Up Your Marketing MMP

Year-end is often a time for reflection on the past year, along with planning for the new year. So why not marketing?  How were results measured? What are specific plans for the year ahead?  How can you “shake up” your marketing with a focus on results?  Your friends at Modern Marketing Partners have some perspective we’d like to share. Intuitively, before you can "shake up" your marketing, you should objectively evaluate and analyze your prior marketing. So how can this process be objective?  For starters, there are many tools that can measure online aspects of marketing including Woo website and SEO rankings, along with SEMrush, Similar Web traffic analysis, Google Analytics, and complete social media analytics. Email service providers, paid search ...

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Use Mobile Marketing to Reach Your Customers image

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing offers businesses a variety of channels to reach customers. While it is a single device, it has multiple apps by which to make contact and engage consumers, such as -- apps for emails, messaging, and social media. And today, people seamlessly transition among them all throughout the day. Email continues to usually be the first thought of tool essential to companies’ mobile marketing efforts. It’s been the backbone of mobile campaigns for years and experts predict it will remain king over the next three to five years. Why businesses like it, is because it fits the traditional way of thinking. You consider your business needs and then send out an email blast based on your schedule. Company Apps While that ...

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Find an Influencer that Fits Your Influencer Marketing Strategy image

If you read our previous article, you know to take influencer marketing seriously. But how do you need to approach this strategy? It’s difficult to track down an influencer that’s the perfect fit – both a balance of a large social following, and followers that would be interested in your niche. Selecting an influencer with too few followers is not going to be seen, but an influencer with many followers is useless if their interests don’t align with your product. If you find your perfect influencer, you need to think about your approach. How are you going to compensate the influnecers? It may not be enough just to give them a product sample. Give them a reason to talk ...

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