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How to Structure Your Pitch Deck for Maximum Impact standard

If you’ve ever attended a networking event, you know that sometimes the most interesting and engaging people aren’t always those who are giving presentations. But what if every time someone at the event was presenting, they were as captivating as those who weren’t? Wouldn’t that be an amazing experience for everyone? This article will show you how to make sure your pitch decks live up to this high standard. 1. Know Your Audience The first thing you need to do is make sure everyone who attends your presentation feels like they truly belong there. One way to accomplish this goal is to know exactly what type of person you’re talking to. When it comes to pitching, knowing the right words that ...

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How To Pull Off An Effective Virtual Sales Pitch standard

Anyone who has had the pleasure of delivering a big sales pitch will know how nerve-wracking and rewarding it can be at the same time. There's a buildup to that big moment where everyone in the room sways toward the idea. The look on the other party's faces is priceless—those are the moments a salesperson strives for when giving a pitch. Nowadays, it may be slightly more challenging for some as most meetings take place by digital means. Most sales reps will attest that they’d thrive on human interaction and now have to get used to the impersonal video calling. If you need some guidance and a few pointers on how to pull off an effective virtual sales pitch, here are ...

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6 Benefits Of Customer Journey Mapping standard

Businesses at one point in their cycle will turn their focus on customer experience. Buyers form an important part of a business cycle, and while the production process might be great, it's the clients that will be the final determinant of how fast your products sell. The benefits that customers offer to any business have led to better firm-client relations and connections.  A significant way that businesses have turned to for a better customer care experience is journey mapping. These companies are focusing on how to create a map that will give them better insights into their customers' experiences. The customer journey map helps understand what their customers want, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to bridge the customers' relations ...

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8 Sales Enablement Tools To Empower Your Sales Department standard

Sales enablement is the process of providing your salespeople with the necessary tools, content, and other resources to help them connect with your clients. This leads to a smoother buyer journey, which results in more sales and higher customer retention.  And since it’s five times more expensive to acquire new clients than to retain existing ones, sales reps should be ready to meet the needs of their prospects and effectively engage buyers. What is a sales enablement tool? Sales enablement tools help automate and measure sales enablement programs. They also make it easier for your company to distribute, access, and leverage customer-facing content.  These tools provide insight into how the market responds to your marketing efforts. They may comprise information and knowledge that ...

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Battlecards – Key Tool for Improved Win Rates image


Sales is unique from other departments. Salespeople are on the frontline of every organization’s battle with the competition, and their need for competitive enablement is much more tactical in nature. That’s why battlecards are becoming so popular. As reported by Crayon in Guide to Competitive Battlecards. What are Battlecards? A battlecard is a piece of enablement collateral aimed at helping salespeople overcome competitive threats at any point in the sales process. They are typically created by the team responsible for gathering and analyzing Competitive Intelligence, or by a sales enablement team in conjunction with CI or product marketing team. Here is an example of a battlecard from HubSpot. What Battlecards Are Not Most product marketing, competitive intelligence, and sales enablement teams are familiar with ...

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25 Lead Generation Types and Tips image

Lead Generation Types and Tips

In most business-to-business (B2B), and many business-to-consumer (B2C) scenarios, lead generation is necessary prior to sales, contracts, or customer acquisition.   So what is lead generation, and how can you improve or maximize lead generation? Great questions! To answer, Modern Marketing Partners (MMP) will share a Definition of Lead Generation, along with some insight into the differences between Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). Then, per the title, MMP will provide a list of 25 Lead Generation Types, along with corresponding tips that you can apply to achieve maximum lead generation effectiveness. Lead Generation Definition Fundamentally, Lead Generation is defined as the action or process of identifying and cultivating prospective customers (prospects) for a business's products or services. There are ...

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7 Sell Sheet Tactics to Get Your New Product Noticed image

7 Sell Sheet Tactics

After you’ve had your “Aha” moment and created a new product or service, now the hard work begins. As an entrepreneur or product developer you need to attract interest from a potential licensee or investor to garner support for your new product or service. This is where creating a sell sheet comes into play to effectively demonstrate the benefits of your new offering. A successful sell sheet speaks directly to the end-user and moves beyond just citing the purpose and features of your product or service to positioning it in the eyes of the consumer. It showcases your idea in a cost-effective manner and acts like a billboard for something new and exciting. If thought through and designed properly, a ...

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Utilize Personalization to Increase Sales Opportunities image

Sales Opportunities Personalization Part 2

Two main points from our last blog, lead us into our current discussion on personalization. 1. Personalization is about tailoring your marketing tactics to deliver the most relevant product, service and experience to the right customer segment at the right time. And 2., According to recent research, creating personalized customer experiences in particular help many businesses increase their top lines. What does that look like today? According to Segment’s 2017 State of Personalization Report, consumers demand fast action and personalized communication in nearly every channel almost as soon as they choose to identify themselves to a brand. Respondents provided three important reasons for companies to take quick action: 54% expect to get a personalized offer, 63% say it will drive ...

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Align Marketing and Sales Initiatives to Drive Success image

Align Marketing Sales

Do marketing and sales really need to be aligned for a company to be successful? The answer today is still “Yes”.  While historically any misalignment was often blamed on the nature of organizational structure that supported two different and separate departments. It’s probably not as accurate an argument anymore, as it is now more about how the buying the process has changed over the last 10 years. The Internet offers customers new and numerous ways to gather information. Social media now has its influence in the buying process along with other digital channels too. Customers are inundated with products and services, making the marketplace highly complex to navigate. This is especially true of the B2B market today, where buyers believe it’s ...

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