Sales enablement is the process of providing your salespeople with the necessary tools, content, and other resources to help them connect with your clients. This leads to a smoother buyer journey, which results in more sales and higher customer retention. 

And since it’s five times more expensive to acquire new clients than to retain existing ones, sales reps should be ready to meet the needs of their prospects and effectively engage buyers.

What is a sales enablement tool?

Sales enablement tools help automate and measure sales enablement programs. They also make it easier for your company to distribute, access, and leverage customer-facing content. 

These tools provide insight into how the market responds to your marketing efforts. They may comprise information and knowledge that will empower sales teams to sell more of your products efficiently to your clients.  

Top 9 sales enablement tools to empower your sales dep 

Implementing the best solutions offers more benefits than walking in without preparation. In fact, organizations that use sales enablement tools achieve a 35% increase in sales than companies that don’t.

Considering that there’s no tool perfect for all requirements, organizations need to opt for the most appropriate option that will meet their specific goals and demands. Below are some of the best sales enablement tools that will help improve your sales team’s performance.

These tools are categorized into:

  • Sales engagement tools
  • Sales readiness tools
  • Sales asset management tools

Sales engagement tools

To close deals effectively, you need to establish a rapport with your prospects and turn your relationship into a long-lasting one. Luckily, with today’s technological advancement, you don’t need to do it manually, such as sending individual cold emails. Instead, sales engagement tools can automate this process for you: is an excellent sales prospecting and cold outreach automation toolset. It’s a multipurpose solution that can be used to generate leads and streamline your outreach campaigns. 

It offers multiple email search features, 7-step email verification, email drip campaigns, email tracker, text personalization, and integration with other third-party platforms for instant email export. Some other features include:

  • Powerful Chrome extension
  • Real-time notifications when your emails are read
  • A forever-free plan that gives access to all tools

snov io sales tools


Guru is a knowledge management platform that offers a reliable source for sales teams to access on-demand knowledge that will improve their skill set. It allows organizations to empower their sales reps with valuable information, making the sales process easier and reducing the sales cycle’s lifespan.

This platform also makes it easy for companies to create a personalized database that will perfectly fit their needs and improve their performance to meet their bottom line.

Some features it offers:

  • Integration with Stack, which helps avoid data loss
  • Browser extension

guru sales tools


Outreach is an email and phone call sequencing tool. It enables sales reps to discover and keep track of their cold email campaigns. It also allows them to add variables to email templates for appropriate personalization before sending them. 

This platform has integration with third-party tools like Salesforce, used by many companies to monitor and organize leads, clients, and contacts. Such integration ensures a more smooth import and export of contacts across both platforms for prospect management to help improve how sales reps work with sales tasks.

Some other features include:

  • Chrome extension
  • AI-powered machine learning

outreach sales tools

Sales readiness tools

Sales readiness is the process of making sure your sales representatives have the required skillset and expertise needed for efficient communication. Some of the sales readiness tools that will empower reps to attract leads and improve sales are provided below:


This is a SaaS partner relationship management platform that allows companies to have real-time access to marketing and sales enablement resources and tools. It also enables sales reps to develop partner programs that will work throughout the sales funnel, starting from onboarding. 

Allbound features the required functionality for organizing partner relationships on both large, medium, and small scale. It can be easily integrated into HubSpot, which makes it easy to set up new contacts and partner companies.

allbound sales readiness


BrainShark enables organizations to update sales reps on new developments and provide them with the required on-demand training that will improve the onboarding of new customers. It also helps verify readiness and make sure sales teams have access to rich, dynamic content. 

This platform provides innovative insights into sales effectiveness and allows organizations to educate their sales team with updated resources needed to take advantage of any selling condition. The tool is used by thousands of customers, e.g., more than half of Fortune 100, to increase sales performance and obtain better results from every sales campaign.

brainshark sales readiness

Sales asset management tools 

These tools help make your sales-specific content more visually appealing. Such assets can include images and presentations. 


This sales and marketing tool combines asset management, slide and presentation creation, and presentation delivery, all integrated into a single cloud app. Organizations widely use it to engage their prospective customers and close more deals. 

CustomShow’s cloud presentation platform helps connect the marketing and sales teams and create an effective marketing channel through its modern sales presentation design. Some of its other features include:

  • Analytics
  • Web meetings
  • Presentation import into the software

customshow sales asset management


Highspot is a sales enablement tool that helps organizations empower their sales reps with the right knowledge that will improve customer relationships and drive strategic growth. 

It features an insightful platform that allows you to combine cutting edge content management, customer engagement, training, and useful analytics. Highspot is used by marketing teams to deliver a smooth buying experience that improves customer engagement, retention, and revenue generation.

highspot sales asset management


LevelEleven is a top performance management system for customer-oriented teams. It’s used for engagement, training, and motivation, which helps improve key behaviors that would generate significant results.

This platform is useful for sales reps to understand company goals and routine, help managers provide training using actionable data, and allow executives to gain insights into their campaigns’ effectiveness. It’s easy to use and features a user-friendly interface. It also makes tracking easy and is an amazing tool for motivating employees.

leveleleven sales asset management

Wrapping it up

Considering that 71% of sales reps indicate that they don’t have the necessary knowledge and expertise to improve sales or close deals, it begs the need for top sales enablement tools that can improve the effectiveness of the sales department, drive revenue, and improve production workflows. 

Sales enablement tools can help speed up your entire sales process, from organizing documents to monitoring performance metrics and coaching new sales representatives.

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