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Top Ways to Successfully Use Stock Photography on Your Website standard

Stock photography is a handy tool that can save you time searching or creating images and videos for your digital platforms — be it your corporate website, blog, or accounts in social networks. When there is no money and time to create visual assets on their own, brands use stock photos that can become a good solution when approached smartly. However, it may sometimes happen that stock photos have a weak connection with the brand, so using them leads to a “blur” of positioning and a decrease in audience confidence. Some visuals may not match your corporate identity. To avoid this from happening, we will tell you how to use stock content correctly so that the brand does not suffer ...

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8 Things Every Website Owner Should Know standard

If you own a website, it can be difficult to know how to get it off the ground. Your website is important, especially if you are using it as a platform for your business. You need to walk before you can run as there is a lot of information that website owners need to consider when creating a successful presence online. Here are 8 things that every website owner should know. 1. Make It Mobile Friendly Making your website mobile-friendly should be priority number one. The number of smartphone users is growing at an exponential rate, with over three billion people now using a smartphone, this number is only expected to grow at an increased rate. With those statistics in mind, most ...

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Amazing Tips That Will Bring More Attention To Your Website standard

Do you know that marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to see a positive ROI? But the problem is; if people don't visit your blog how do you generate more traffic and sales. Let's say you were to write a well researched and very high-quality article, you promote it through social media, launch link building, and put in the effort to try other forms of marketing, just so you can grow your traffic and in turn keep your existing audience engaged - This Is called content marketing. But the problem is that there are lots of competitors publishing content online at a very very fast rate; social media marketing isn't just enough to stand out from your competitors, ...

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Doofinder: A Site Search Engine With Artificial-Intelligence Technology standard

Artificial intelligence technology offers unlimited opportunities for online trade. Its tools can be very helpful for making purchasing decisions and have been gaining ground in the last few years. As such, more and more consumers prefer to shop without having to interact with any third parties and use a purchasing process managed by artificial intelligence. To make the most of all these improvements when implementing the design and management of an online store, it can be useful to offer a search engine to simplify the shopping experience – for both the consumer and the seller. Among some of the best options available, you’ll find a specialist in site search engines with artificial-intelligence technology, which offers a range of great ...

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6 Ways For Creating Content For Your Website standard

Any web creator would ask, “What makes a great website?” Anyone who wants to create a website must know the type of content that would draw in an avid readership. You can research to see the top trending topics that people look for, but creating a well-laid-out plan is a different story. If you need content creation ideas for your website, the following may give you some ideas on filling your website with relevant content that people will read: 1) Content Curation Chances are you may not have an idea of what types of content you need for your website. If you’re following a specific website, such as in the gaming, entertainment, hobbies, or business niche, you’ll see the elements that make ...

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5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website standard

There is no way of hiding it – more businesses are creating websites than ever before. Just about every business is working to keep up with the trends. You are now in constant competition with all other online businesses and it can be overwhelming to approach this challenge. However, there are many ways that you can stand out in crowded web searches, and we are here to help you find the strategies that work best for you. By trying out some of these suggestions, we guarantee that you are going to see some increased traffic to your site! 1. Create Exciting Visuals Web users are quick to judge and will only stay on a page if it is visually enticing. Improving dwell time ...

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5 Tips to Help You Attract Qualified Traffic to Your B2C Website standard

Attracting the right people is probably one of the biggest challenges business owners and marketers face.  If you can say that most of the traffic you’re attracting to your site is converting into leads and then into paying customers, then you’re on the right track. However, in many cases, looking into your analytics will tell you that the traffic you’ve attracted to your site is not generating the desired results. In this article, we’re offering 5 tips that will help you generate website visitors that convert.  1. Make Sure Your Website Rocks Take your time to build a great website for your business because every piece of content, advertisement, or communication you put online will drive the consumers back to your site. For ...

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How Screen Recording Software Can Help Grow Your Online Business standard

In today's online retail market it takes much more than just getting customers to land on your website. You not only need customers to land on your website, but you need them to complete certain tasks on your website. Depending on the type of business that you are operating such tasks might include anything from purchasing an item off your e-commerce site to viewing a particular page or having them enter their information in your database so that you can send them future information. This is exactly where screen recording software like Movavi Screen Recorder can come in handy. Such software can help draw attention to your site while keeping customers engaged at the same time. Creating Tutorials and Informational ...

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Local SEO for Contractors – Part 2 image

SEO Contractors Part 2

Now that the construction business is established with Google, it’s important to optimize the website so that you can further improve the likelihood of coming up in local search. What follows are some important tips forlocal SEO that go beyond GMB. Digital Marketing Tips to Improve Local SEO Increase the company’s chances to land on the search results page! There are a number of steps that can be taken to achieve this. NAPs are Important Be sure to include NAP information (name, address, phone number) and other important details in an easily crawlable HTML text format. Remember that images can’t be crawled, other than the alt text, so don’t include vital NAP information in image format; be sure it’s in text format. Carefully Place ...

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Local SEO for Contractors – Part 1 image

SEO Contractors Part 1

As a contractor, it’s important to consider that much of the business received will be local. Accordingly, contractors benefit when their SEO strategy has a local focus. To stand out locally or regionally, it’s important to make sure all information on Google My Business is complete; then make sure to establish a local SEO strategy on the company website and beyond. Google My Business is Key Complete the entirety of your Google My Business profile. This allows users to learn as much as possible about the business before even clicking off of Google. It’s important to double-check this information often, because Google will often prompt users to answer questions about the business and allow them to suggest edits. This means that ...

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Create An Inspired About Us Web Page image

About Us Web Page

This post isn’t about us, as in Modern Marketing Partners. It’s about you. More specifically, it’s about your company’s website’s About Us page and why it probably needs some attention. Marketing professionals know (we look at Google Analytics) that About Us pages are some of the most frequently visited pages by customers, or more importantly, potential customers. They are one of the important stops a visitor on your site makes when considering to do business with you. And yet, many About Us pages are poorly written, lack creativity and are just plain boring. Think for a second about the last time you visited a company’s About Us page. You wanted to get to know the people behind the company, right? You ...

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Remarket Like a Professional Stalker image

Professional Stalker

Yes, so maybe that headline gives remarketing a bad name. But we’re actually all for it. If done well, there’s real value in remarketing to visitors who have taken time to view your website, PPC landing pages, Facebook page, etc. Since only about 4% of people convert on their first visit, remarketing provides a powerful way to reengage those who have previously interacted with your company. Remarketing requires inserting a small amount of code onto your website and then once a visitor lands on a particular page, you follow them around (with targeted ads you’ve created, of course!) More specifically, once the visitor has left your site and then goes back online, whether to Facebook, into his or her email ...

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The Value of a Secure Website image

Secure Website

Protecting the privacy of your customers and prospects while they visit your site is paramount to the success of your organization. Business owners need to be concerned about the security of their website even if they have “a guy” who handles it for them. Today’s environment requires careful attention to how information is transferred between a customer’s website browser and your website. Not sure where to begin? Start by opening a website browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and type in your company’s website address. Look just to the left of your website address and you will see either a little gray circle with an “i” in it or a green picture of a lock and the word ...

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Successful Search Requires New Tactics image

Website Search

Today’s marketplaces are busy, and information is abundant. Your customers want access to your product and service information quickly and easily. They expect this timely, convenient access starting from their initial search and then once they have moved onto your website as well. Your company’s success depends on ensuring that your organization’s abundance of data is readily available, which is no easy task. A good search tool on your site can help increase customer engagement, increase sale conversions, and mitigate customer service requests. So you need to keep up this aspect of your site to ensure your search tool provides the necessary intelligence visitors expect. Here are three tactics exerts recommend for maintaining a successful search approach on your company website: Simplify. ...

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Website Page Speed – An Important Search Ranking Metric image

Website Page Speed

Please take a minute and check out your website’s speed at Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It really does only take a minute or two and it is paramount to your business’s success. (And also consider a more in-depth, free website analysis for more actionable tips to improve your complete online visibility.) Why? Page speed is and always has been important to how your website gets ranked in organic search from desktops because people care about how quickly they can find answers to their questions. Now as more people have moved their searches to mobile devices, this metric is now becoming imperative to searches of this nature as well. This was the impetus behind Google’s mobile-first index, which prioritizes how your website displays ...

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Google is Officially Mobile-First image

Google Mobile First

Google knows where the future of search lies - on your smartphone screens. After announcing its prioritization of mobile over desktop searches in 2016, Google has finally moved to index mobile-first in order to improve the search experience. What is Happening? Mobile searches have overtaken searches done on desktops, and Google’s noticed. For the past 2 years, Google has really focused on making the search engine more and more mobile-friendly. Now, Google is indexing mobile-first, a goal they first brought up in 2016. Why the delay? Well, they didn’t want search results to dramatically change as a result of the shift, so they’ve gradually taken steps to prioritize mobile search over desktop. Indexing mobile-first was a final step of that. How does the ...

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How to Land a Google Featured Snippet image

Google Featured Snippet

Featured snippets improve the search experience for users, especially in a world where users are increasingly using mobile and voice for their search. Instead of clicking through countless links, the answer will be provided at the top of the search results page. One issue, however, if you thought it was hard enough ranking on the first page, it’s even harder to earn a snippet. But put in some hard work, and you’ll earn position 0 in no time. SEM Rush analyzed 1.3 million snippets; here’s a summary of it’s findings.  PS: Need a refresher on what a featured snippet is? Read our blog here. What do top performers have in common? From SEM Rush’s research, they learned some common factors found among ...

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Domain Name Opportunities and Protection image

Domain Name Opportunities & Protection

You’ve got a great name for your website. It reflects your brand and provides credibility to your budding business. You’re good, right? It’s time to sit back and relax and reap the benefits of having a solid domain name. Not so fast. Now, you need to keep your domain name protected as well as expand on any additional opportunities. You did the hard work of developing a name and researching it so as to not infringe on a trademark or cause any confusion with the name of another site. You want the same thing for your site too. You don’t want someone to take your name at .net or .biz or grab something similar and use it on Twitter or ...

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Seven Tips for Perfecting the Domain Name Game image

Domain Name Game

A key aspect of starting a business, is starting a website. Once you’ve spent the time and resources to develop and test an idea or service, you’re then ready to bring it to the marketplace. And no matter how you’ve chosen to sell your product, you need a website. Consumers essentially live online so you need to meet them in their space. You might think then that an app or social media is where you need to spend time initially. But a high performing website is what you really need first. Because what good does generating traffic do for you, unless you have a place called home to convert the traffic. Thoughts about website design and color schemes may be racing ...

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Seven Tactics for a Better FAQ Section image

FAQ Section

They say spring is the most popular time for remodeling. For many people, who have just been cooped up indoors during the winter months with time on their hands to notice home improvements they would like made, this makes sense. Now, it’s time for businesses to consider a little spring rejuvenation project too. You’ve probably had your company website for years. You may have even redesigned it in the past few years (hopefully, yes. If not, please contact us – seriously.) You know your site forward and backward; you add images, include customer reviews, and even add new content regularly (well, pretty regularly). Kudos to you indeed. However, when is the last time you thought about your FAQ page? You know ...

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Use Local SEO Content to Stand Out From the Pack image

SEO Content

Gone are the days of using Yellow Pages to find local business; that search has moved online. With the ever-increasing importance Google places on local search, marketers will need to up their SEO game, namely within a certain region. We’ll look at on-page local SEO elements to include, important link building strategies, customer reviews, and the creation of solid local SEO content. Local SEO Must-Haves Before you can get to the local content, you’ll need to ensure that both your website and the pages within it are locally search optimized. Some important elements to include: Add NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) to the header or footer of your website. Use the name of your city and its suburbs throughout site pages. Include ...

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The Why & How of Website Accessibility image

Website Accessibility

Websites today need to be readable, navigable, and usable for a wide-range of people. Accessibility has become an important criteria for marketers to consider when strategizing on website content structure and design. It requires a thoughtful approach to creating something beautiful, purposeful, and functional. Accessibility covers a wide range of conditions and situations in everyday life. There are many reasons that people might need an accessible site. People with color blindness, blindness, dyslexia, hearing loss, MS, ADHD, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. have permanent conditions that may be impacted adversely by aspects of a website that uses Flash, is only navigable with a mouse or doesn’t include a transcript with videos. There are also many temporary needs and situations such as a broken arm, ...

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Search Optimizing For Google Snippets image

Google Snippets

For years, the coveted SEO spot has always been the first listing. The further you are from this spot, the more invisible you become. Accordingly, wise marketers always worked hard to gain this top position. But as the years go by, Google continuously throws in new features on its search page. It has greatly enhanced the consumer experience, but it tends to mean a new challenge for marketers to address. Google snippets are no exception. Whenever a snippet exists, it overshadows the other listings, including the top organic spot. What exactly is a Google snippet? And, how can you end up there? Learn more below. What is a Google Snippet? Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term, you probably have (frequently) ...

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Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore HTTPS Anymore image

HTTPS Websites and Google

Google has repeatedly talked about the importance of HTTPS as opposed to HTTP over the last year and discussed flagging non-HTTPS pages with warnings to users on its Chrome browser. Now, it appears to be in its final implementation. Non-HTTPS pages are displaying warnings in a variety of industries. A Reminder: What’s the Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS? HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol; HTTPS means HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. Both are protocols/languages for passing information between servers and clients. As the names imply, HTTPS is secure; HTTP is not. Without the security, it is possible third parties can view the conversation between the site and the user. HTTPS connections are secured through SSL/TSL protocol, which respectively stand for Secure Sockets Layer ...

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IP Lead Tracking — Just the Facts image

There’s a new tool in your marketing tool box. A tool that can identify your website visitors, that until now, often remained anonymous. IP Lead Tracking is typically a subscription service that uses analytics code and databases to deliver timely and user-friendly reports. It is reported that although 90% of B2B sales begin with a web search, only 2-3% of website visitors complete a contact or registration form. While website analytics software report traffic or visitors, page views, bounce rate and other useful statistics, actual sales leads from registrations are a fraction (2-3%) of website visitors. What if you could identify all those anonymous website visitors?  A marketing no-brainer, right? Enter IP Tracking Software Think of a Caller ID for your website.  ...

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