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3 Reasons Why a Clear Business Strategy Matters in Marketing standard

We know how important it is to set clear objectives when planning a marketing campaign. With a clear set of objectives in mind, the rest of the marketing activities can be planned accordingly. Objectives also help keep different marketing activities – and the use of different instruments – pointing in the right direction. That said, there is something more important than clear marketing objectives. In a challenging market like today, businesses need a clear strategy to survive and stay ahead. More specifically, the business needs to have clear objectives and a strategy for achieving them to have effective marketing tactics. There are good reasons for that. Efficient Communication In a competitive market, you cannot afford to waste communication resources. Everyone else is ...

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Business Intelligence for Marketing – A Shiny New Silver Bullet? image

Business Intelligence Marketing

No longer can marketers simply rely on the "Four P’s". Today’s marketers need to see the big picture. This is why more and more marketers are prioritizing business intelligence initiatives to better understand their customers, measure results, and optimize processes by using data and insight to refine marketing campaigns, while drafting a plan for the future. There’s good reason for this too. Business intelligence solutions can leverage data from dozens of sources, centralize it, and transform it into something even the least tech-savvy executive can use. The Case for Business Intelligence Imagine combining CRM, marketing automation, and Google Analytics into a single platform to better understand the behaviors, demographics, and process through the funnel. Now imagine using this information to tailor your ...

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