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4 Tips to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Team standard

Marketing has transformed since the early days of the internet, with new concepts like SEO, CRO, etc. The days of opening a newspaper or catching a new commercial on television are behind us. Today, we use the internet to bring our marketing teams along with digital trends. Companies used to have dedicated digital marketing teams working for them. But today, it’s not unusual for the average marketing department to dabble in everything, including internet outreach! That’s why you need a qualified and organized team of experts that can keep up. Otherwise, you’ll never beat your competitors when it comes to digital marketing. These 4 tips will help you manage your marketing team towards your outreach goals. 1) Decide on a Strategy In every ...

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5 Tips For Hiring Your Dream Digital Marketing Team standard

Adding talented people to your digital marketing team may seem easy enough in theory. You need to seek out qualified individuals, convince them why you’re the right company for them, and bring them on board. Once they’re on your team, you have to focus on keeping them happy and allowing them different opportunities within your company. Unfortunately, it isn’t this simple. You won’t always get a stack of glowing resumes on your desk, and even the best credentials doesn’t mean that candidate is ideal for your workplace. With this in mind, here are some general tips to implement when you’re hiring your dream digital marketing team: 1) Avoid Hiring Full-Stack Marketers A full-stack marketer is someone who’s familiar with a variety of marketing ...

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How to Fund Your Latest Marketing Campaign standard

Whether you’re launching your first marketing campaign ever, or you’ve run hundreds over the years, you’ll need to find ways to fund it. Marketing campaigns don’t generate income overnight, and neither does your business. Especially for start-ups or new businesses, you’ll need to come up with the money to fund your campaigns, and because of this, marketing often falls low on the priority list. Operational costs will always come before marketing, but your marketing campaign will help you reach your target audience and potential customers. There are many funding options available to business owners, and by combining these, you’ll easily be able to cover the costs of your next marketing campaign. Notable marketing campaigns Before you start planning out your marketing campaign, ...

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Make Your Contracting Services More Appealing With These Marketing Tips standard

If you are just starting your contracting business, obtaining new clients can be a struggle. You may have all the best services, but how do you get people to see you, or believe you? With a few simple marketing tips, you can instantly invigorate your business's public front, and attract new clients in the process. You don’t need a massive overhaul or a marketing degree to make some of these marketing maneuvers work for you. Try out some of these tips to up your marketing game today. 1. Establish and Enhance Your Brand How do potential clients know you? How do they know that they can trust your services? The answer to both of those questions has to do with your brand. Your brand ...

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Using PowerPoint Templates For Your Digital Marketing Strategy standard

PowerPoint presentations are everywhere, be it conventions, boardroom meetings or executive conferences. PowerPoint has revolutionized the digital marketing niche and has helped tremendously in promoting the products and services to an audience of potential buyers. A PowerPoint presentation is all about taking your audience on an emotional roller-coaster ride. The presentation is the foundation of the company’s key online marketing activities. You need to carefully plan your digital marketing presentation since it will build awareness about your services, products and brand, as a whole. It is your digital reach which will drive visits to your website, the way you create and deploy digital marketing media plays a crucial role in the same. A digital marketing presentation should encompass and showcase ...

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Emerging Trends in Augmented Reality Marketing standard

When new technology becomes available for digital marketing, companies are usually eager to try it out to capture customer interest. That’s certainly the case with augmented reality (AR), which uses digital technology to add virtual elements to the world around us. AR marketing isn’t appropriate for every business. Some companies are better off sticking with other types of content, simply because of the product or service they offer. But for other organizations, augmented reality is presenting new opportunities for making sales and catering to customers. Here are some of the biggest emerging trends in AR. Augmented Reality is Providing Immediate Access to Future Benefits It’s hard for customers to visualize something that doesn’t exist yet. One trend in augmented reality is using ...

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Popular Digital Marketing Solutions standard

There are many things that small business owners have to consider in order to boost their chances of success in today’s competitive world. No matter what industry you are in, you face a lot of competition. Therefore, it is important to make your business stand out from competitors. One of the ways in which you can do this is through effective marketing, and there are lots of different marketing methods you can choose from. In today’s digital world, it is important to ensure you use online marketing methods alongside your offline solutions. There are lots of benefits that come from using online marketing methods, and this makes them a popular choice among businesses of all sizes. You can use social ...

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Digital Marketing for Newbies standard

Have you started to use digital marketing in your business? It is 2020 and with everything going on in the world, digital marketing is becoming the hot topic in the marketing industry. Digital marketing has different ways to make your company stand out to your audience. As reported by Forbes on June 14th, 2020 by Mike Wood. A Quick Guide To Digital Marketing For Newbies With the madness going on in the world right now over COVID-19, every business is looking to jump into digital marketing. Many of you are way behind the curve, while some of you haven’t previously had any digital footprint. So, where do you begin? There is a lot of advice out there, good and bad, and many people ...

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How to Use Automation at Every Stage of Your Marketing Funnel standard

As any marketer can tell you, getting attention is easy – but converting that attention into sales isn't. That's because from the moment a new prospect first connects with a business, there are myriad ways they might wander off of the route to a sale. Even time can be the enemy in the process, as the prospect's attention slowly fades and drifts elsewhere. To overcome all of those obstacles to conversion, marketers deploy a carefully crafted series of engagements and interactions with their leads to keep them moving toward a sale. The whole process has come to be known as a marketing funnel, representing the ever-narrowing path that guides each prospect to become a paying customer. It's a tried-and-true approach ...

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Five Practical Tips for New Digital Marketing Agencies for Long Term Success standard

Digital marketing was an instant success and it is still growing. The companies that were once reluctant of this field are now also using it to develop their business. From small companies to large enterprises, there is no business that is not using digital marketing today. As it is an industry that requires one to have extensive knowledge and experience, all companies acquire the help of an agency to do their digital marketing. This has really increased the value of this profession, but also attracted way too many people in it. There are thousands of digital marketing companies that have saturated the market. However, not all of them have the expertise most clients look for. They may get the job ...

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Success In Delegation: The Perks Of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing standard

A constant question that is asked in business is whether you’re going to outsource or in-source certain tasks or departments. As it turns out,  34% of businesses choose to specifically outsource their digital marketing needs, according to Clutch. With so many brands choosing to work with marketing consultancy firms, it is worth wondering what benefits exist and how they might be able to further grow your own business. Up-To-Date Market Knowledge 56% of consumers firmly believe that businesses need to have a stronger understanding of their needs, according to Marketo Engagement Gap. To do that, your brand needs to be aware of the latest trends and apply them accordingly. This requires an up-to-date understanding of the market and consumers. This is ...

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What Makes a Business Succeed? image

what makes a business succeed

Business owners couldn’t ask a better question. Unfortunately, there’s no convenient answer. The competition is thick, and businesses are all in the same position: they must either innovate or decline. There are hundreds of companies that have a similar strategy and product. Some fail, some win. How Do the Winners Win? There are certain attitudes and rituals that business owners implement to be successful. This content isn’t about that. While winning does have plenty to do with the attitude behind the humans running the business, there’s more to winning. If you want your business to skyrocket, remember the following: Right Systems in Place Businesses begin with a vision and a mission. But businesses that win, grow and expand, do so with innovation. This goes beyond staying relevant. ...

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10 FAQs on the Google BERT Update image

50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, and Google’s taken notice with update BERT. Devices are being treated like companions, giving rise to conversational search queries and, with that, content that is written to match the new conversational nature of search engines. Content formats like FAQs will benefit from this update as the questions asked throughout a piece will match the same questions users will ask Alexa. It only seemed obvious us to then use this very format to describe Google’s newest update. Here are the top 10 FAQs surrounding BERT. What is BERT? According to Google, BERT “represent the biggest leap forward in the past five years, and one of the biggest leaps forward in the history ...

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Five Reasons to Switch to Digital Marketing standard

There are many businesses that rely on traditional marketing to channel their products and services. However, you cannot shy away from the fact that digital marketing is also gaining global acceptance in today’s time. Gone are the days when most conventional firms would spend millions of dollars’ worth of money on steamers and elaborate billboards. Ever since the advent of digital marketing, thousands of businesses have already jumped on the bandwagon to sell their products and services to a wider audience. You might be wondering why we’re talking about the digital medium, right? If you don’t know the incredible benefits of this platform, we’re glad to have you here. Keep reading to know about all the reasons to switch your ...

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Business Intelligence for Marketing – A Shiny New Silver Bullet? image

Business Intelligence Marketing

No longer can marketers simply rely on the "Four P’s". Today’s marketers need to see the big picture. This is why more and more marketers are prioritizing business intelligence initiatives to better understand their customers, measure results, and optimize processes by using data and insight to refine marketing campaigns, while drafting a plan for the future. There’s good reason for this too. Business intelligence solutions can leverage data from dozens of sources, centralize it, and transform it into something even the least tech-savvy executive can use. The Case for Business Intelligence Imagine combining CRM, marketing automation, and Google Analytics into a single platform to better understand the behaviors, demographics, and process through the funnel. Now imagine using this information to tailor your ...

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Content Marketing Study – 2019 B2C image

New MMP B2C 2019

Content marketing is becoming more important to organizations as the years go on. The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs provide a yearly study with thorough research and benchmarks for content marketing strategies. Discover the content marketing study results below. Modern Marketing Partners (MMP) would like to thank and acknowledge the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs for providing this data. MMP has broken down some of the research into categories that’ll help readers better understand the findings. The annual study is available in versions for business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), and other versions like technology and enterprise. Per the title above, this blog will focus on B2C findings. If interested in B2B content marketing survey results, click here. Key Findings Based on some of ...

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Content Marketing Study – 2019 B2B image

New MMP B2B 2019

The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs have provided thorough research and benchmarks for content marketing strategies in 2019. Modern Marketing Partners (MMP) would like to thank and acknowledge Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs for providing this content marketing study. We’ve broken down some of the research into categories that’ll help readers better understand the findings. The annual study is available in versions for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and other versions like manufacturing and technology. Per the title above, this blog will focus on B2B findings. If interested in B2C content marketing survey results, click here. Some of the most important results can be found in the image above. Content Marketing Goals Goals and metrics are key to making sure content marketing is ...

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Digital Marketing Transformation Guide – Top 12 Strategies image

Digital Marketing Transformation

Before delving into the relatively new topic of Digital Marketing Transformation, please consider its predecessor, Digital Transformation, a trend that has, and is taking corporate America by storm! Digital Transformation is often referred to as the use or adoption of technology, software and systems to improve processes. Benefits or Digital Transformation are productivity, cost savings, disruption, speed, and of course, improved business or financial results. Digital Transformation may require new skills, different talent, and organizational change. So how does marketing fit into Digital Transformation? Or is Digital Marketing Transformation its own shiny, new buzzword that can have its own acronym, DMT? Please allow the gurus at Modern Marketing Partners to provide insights and tips for implementing Digital Marketing Transformation (DMT for brevity) including ...

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9 Components for Comparing Social Media Analytics Platforms image

Social Media Analytics Platforms

Companies devote a great deal of time and resources today into developing and executing social media strategies to deliver on the goals important to their organizations. They create well thought-out content that addresses these goals, which may differ based on the social channel as well as their industry, value proposition or ROI expectations.  For example, a company may use social media to build a community around thought leadership, or to increase brand awareness and trust among its clients or to help nurture prospects during the lead gen process.  Or you may be nodding your head up and down to all three of these goals.  On the flip side, your clients are utilizing social media every day too – posting thousands of ...

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4 Types of Digital Marketing Strategies for E-commerce standard

It's estimated that there will be 1.92 digital buyers this year. With an estimated 7.7 billion people on the planet today, that means a quarter of the world's population will be buying online. The world is becoming more connected and as more people are lifted out of poverty and into the middle class, online buyers are only set to increase in the coming decades. This explosion in online buying activities is providing huge opportunities for e-commerce merchants that will only increase over time. The e-commerce industry has flattened over the years. That means you don't have to be a large big box store to be selling products online. In fact, the number of online merchants is in the millions, and a vast majority of them are small businesses. Starting an e-commerce business isn't ...

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4 Trends Effecting Digital Marketing Now image

4 trends digital marketing

The digital revolution is upon us, impacting marketing at every turn in the road.  New technologies from smartphones to digital assistants are constantly shaping new digital strategies like conversational experiences and voice search SEO. And as consumers’ attention continues to be strained, companies will need to wrestle for their attention online. Here are 4 trends digital marketers need to be using to engage customers now: Shorter Form Video Ads Videos ads are going shorter, like down to 15 seconds or even six seconds. Shorter formats are becoming more prevalent in the digital landscape. Video is expected to account for 85 percent of total online traffic in 2019 – both live video and video ads. It has grown quickly over the years and is expected to continue growing. However, consumers have ...

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Social Ads Coming Soon to WhatsApp image

Social Adds Coming Whats App

Marketers need to begin preparing for WhatsApp advertising. Facebook is all set to start cashing in on the massive popularity of its free messaging application. With 1.5 billion total users and 450 million daily active users worldwide, you had to know it was bound to happen sooner or later. Late last summer, Facebook introduced News Feed ads that could be launched right in the encrypted chat app. This made it possible for advertisers to utilize Facebook to engage consumers and get them to start a chat with a business or a brand on WhatsApp. Facebook recently further enhanced their click-to-WhatsApp ad capabilities by providing traffic, conversions, and post page engagement objectives to these specific campaigns. This allows for better integration and tracking between Facebook and WhatsApp, creating a stronger ...

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What Does Your Digital Footprint Say About Your Company? image

Digital Footprint

People are Googling your business. And while this may seem like an obvious statement, it brings up the topic of how your business is being promoted on digital platforms. Marketing has moved fast and furiously into the digital space. It has seen rapid growth and development with an expected 2 billion online shoppers by 2020. Maybe your organization was an early adopter of some strategies or maybe not. Regardless, many businesses today, yours included, probably have a Facebook page or LinkedIn Company profile, some offering on a digital channel in addition to your website. For many organizations though, digital efforts may have begun as a one-off endeavor – the boss asks why the company isn’t on Pinterest and low-and-behold the next day you’ve become a champion Pinner. If over ...

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Do You Need to Hire an SEO Consultant in 2019? standard

Are you wondering if it is necessary to hire an SEO consultant in 2019? Regardless of the size of your company, incorporating good SEO tactics can give you a significant advantage over your competition. Small businesses tend not to hire SEO strategists.   This is because they either feel they can do it themselves or they assume an agency will be too expensive. Here we will discuss the reasons you should consider hiring an SEO consultant. Get Higher Rankings on Google A site with poor optimization will not rank favorably on Google. Websites that are well-optimized will appear in numerous searches organically. SEO companies offering content marketing services are able to help by making significant changes to your content for higher ...

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