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Shoppable Media

This year’s holiday season is all about making the social world shoppable. In particular, companies are being given the access and the opportunity to make their content, images and videos shoppable this season. The reason this is big news for companies is this is a trend that interests people. According to PwC’s 2018 Holiday Lookout study, more than 40 percent of Millennials and 25 percent of Gen Z shoppers will purchase through shoppable photos this year. Here’s how social platforms are innovating this season – and you can too right along with them. Instagram just announced three new ways for users to shop while browsing their favorite photos of pets, food, travel, family and friends. The new features help people discover ...

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Is 140 Characters Twitter’s Defining Feature? image

Twitter New Character Limit 10000

You’ve probably heard by now that Twitter is likely expanding its character limit to a whopping 10,000 characters. Plenty of Twitter users are voicing their dissatisfaction, while social media predictors are starting to think that this may be a smart move. The biggest concern is that Twitter is going to lose its most distinctive feature, one that’s been with the company since it started in 2006. Are we forgetting the other features that set Twitter apart? Brief History Lesson: Why 140 Characters? Prior to iPhone’s iMessage that allows limitless text messages, cell phone owners of the mid-2000s were stuck to 160 character limits for SMS messages. Social media platforms emerging at that time followed similar limits: Twitter capped Tweets to 140 characters, ...

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Time to Change Your Social Media Strategy image

Facebook and Twitter have long been the go-to social media sites for many brands and businesses. Facebook and Twitter have huge user bases and businesses tend to focus the most on these sites in regards to their social media marketing. That being said, things are always changing in the digital marketing world and social media is no different. Facebook and Twitter Changes Facebook recently announced changes to their News Feed algorithms that will greatly reduce the organic reach of most if not all companies on the site. Organic reach is already very low for most companies and conversions are even lower. Twitter has also hinted at filtering the content that is displayed to users. Reason for Facebook Changes Facebook states that these changes ...

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Do you manage your company/organizations Twitter account? If so, we need your help! Modern Marketing Partners is now conducting a national survey on the use of Twitter for business. The survey will provide insights into how Twitter is currently being used by businesses all over the world and be the basis of MMP's 2013 Twitter for Business Report. The report will serve as a benchmark for those who already on Twitter, but also for those who are interested in leveraging such a powerful social media tool. Survey participants will have the opportunity to receive the report. To complete the survey, simply CLICK HERE. Thanks for ...

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Measuring Marketing: Social Media Measures image

With the explosive growth of social media, we are pleased to share some of the features and tools for measurement that are now available, and extremely useful. This section will identify those tools for each of the top platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn), as well as social bookmarking and monitoring tools independent of platform. If you are interested in measuring other aspects of your marketing program, check out the other blogs in our measuring marketing series including traditional measures and Internet measures. Twitter Event though Twitter does not offer any significant metrics, there are still ways to track engagement. The most obvious metrics is ‘Followers’ which defines how many people are viewing information that you Tweet. Another important metric to understand is ...

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How can you connect with your customers? This question is answered in the Content Marketing Playbook by Junta42. The playbook provides an astounding 42 options to connect with your customers through content marketing. Below we will share 6 of our favorite pieces of content from the playbook along with an explanation and what it does and does not work for. To see all 42 ways to connect with your customers, read the entire Content Marketing Playbook. Case Study A case study is a document, typically 1 – 2 pages long, that combines the first-person authority of the testimonial with the narrative structure of a story. Based on real-life events, it leverages reader empathy with the featured client to build credibility and ...

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Twitter Myths Debunked and The True Purpose of the Hashtag image

To tweet, or not to tweet? Is that really the question? Nope! Tweeting is a given for any brand trying to build awareness, it's just that what we thought we knew about tweeting has changed. Is there really a right or wrong way to tweet? Believe it or not, there is. Here we'll cover some myths on using Twitter and we invite you to share your own. Twitter Myth #1: Hashtag Stuffing Now wait a minute. How annoying is it to #see #every #word #in #a #sentence #with #a #hashtag #in #front #of #it? Super fun, huh? Well for those of you who are 'hashtag-stuffer' fans, it's time to put an end to it. Best practices now suggest only using 2 hashtags tops when tweeting. Recently, Buddymedia did ...

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Using Twitter as an Effective Marketing Tool image

Over the past few years, the popularity of Twitter has soared. In fact, back in February, Twitter announced that it was just a few thousand people away from reaching the 500,000,000-user mark, meaning a whopping half-billion people are using the unique social media tool. With numbers this high, it’s no wonder so many people taut the use of Twitter in the marketing sphere; look at how many people you could potentially reach! Keep in mind, though, all those users can also make it harder to get noticed. To truly make waves in the Twittersphere, you need to have an effective strategy in place. Try these tips on for size: Provide quality The content you post on your Twitter feed should always, always, ...

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