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How do you most effectively market capital equipment? Following is a checklist of the top 10 marketing best practices for capital equipment, followed best practices detail. Related content in our capital equipment marketing best practices series includes a Guide to Capital Equipment Marketing, a Capital Equipment Marketing Infographic, 3 Capital Equipment Marketing Considerations, and 4 aspects of capital equipment purchasing. Capital Equipment Marketing Checklist Analysis and Research Planning Brand Image Brand Awareness Website Improvement and SEO Event marketing Thought Leadership Content Blogging Social Media Direct marketing Captial Equipment Marketing Best Practices Detail 1. Analysis and Research - Because of the limited number of customers, market and competitor intelligence is more critical in capital equipment than any other category. Start with market segmentation to understand which verticals drive sales and profit. Use secondary or published research including ...

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Part 3 in our marketing planning series details a marketing planning checklist, a useful tool to identify a broad range of marketing strategies and tactics used in typical marketing plans. Our Marketing Planning Series includes:  1) Marketing Planning Best Practices, 2)  Marketing Budgeting Best Practices, and 3) the following Marketing Planning Checklist. Of course, marketing plans come in a number of “shapes and sizes”, from the annual tactical plan, to project or functional plans, to the detailed strategic marketing plan. A given marketing program may range in complexity, budget and requirements. Different markets and products likely require vastly different marketing strategies and tactics. So a Marketing Planning Checklist should allow for a range of marketing scenarios. This checklist is based on ...

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