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Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies for Companies With a Limited Budget standard

Marketing is an important part of growing any business and reaching more customers. Unfortunately, marketing isn’t always cheap and companies can spend a lot of money without getting the returns they desire. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to market your product or service successfully. In fact, there are several cost-effective strategies that can work for almost any business, no matter the size. Here are a few marketing strategies that companies with a limited budget should be implementing and using. Email Marketing One of the most tried and true marketing strategies for companies around the world is email marketing. This tried-and-true strategy allows customers who sign up to get information about your new products, services, and other deals and news ...

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How to Reduce Marketing Expense While Increasing Marketing Results image

Many so-called traditional marketing tactics like advertising, trade shows and print literature are huge cost-drivers in the marketing budget. Good news is that many of these often cost-prohibitive tactics can be reduced and replaced with more cost-efficient marketing. This blog will share 5 tips for stretching your marketing investment, while increasing marketing effectiveness and results! In addition, several resources are provided to assist in your quest for marketing nirvana—doing more with less! 5 Tips for Reducing Marketing Expense While Increasing Effectiveness 1) Customer insight:  marketing is expensive, mistakes costly. Avoid mistakes with insight into customer segments, needs, decision makers, and more. House all your customer intelligence in a  robust database or marketing automation software that can be updated easily and used for downstream marketing. Continually ...

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