Marketing has the power to make or break a business. The reason for this is that no matter how spectacular one’s product or service is and how amazing one’s finance skills are, it won’t make a viable business if people don’t know about it.

While marketing campaigns may have been reserved for thriving corporations in the past, marketing tools have now become more accessible than ever before. As such, small businesses now have the power to generate excitement around their products and services, scale their operations, and find success through robust and affordable marketing practices.

However, many small business owners and entrepreneurs have trouble figuring out where to start their marketing journeys. Thankfully, knowing about some key tools and strategies can make the process far simpler.

Here are reliable marketing strategies and software for businesses with a small budget.

Affordable Marketing Tools

Today, there is a wide variety of marketing tools that driven business owners can gain access to without breaking the bank. Here are a few cheap and easily accessible tools that can help one spur their marketing journey.


Canva is a simplified graphic design tool that allows complete novices to craft beautiful graphics and typography. As many of us are aware, graphics play a key role in many marketing tactics. As such, being able to make stunning and professional graphic designs is essential for marketers and small business owners in the modern world.

By utilizing Canva, small business owners can quickly craft amazing designs without having to hire a graphic designer. In addition, Canva even features a free version so anyone with an idea can get started without having to pay a cent.

Though Canva isn’t the most advanced marketing tool, it makes one of the most important facets of marketing accessible to everyone. For this reason, all entrepreneurs and small business owners should take advantage of this powerful resource.


Email marketing has exploded over the last two decades. The reason for this is that we are increasingly becoming a digital society that spends significant hours each day on computers and smartphones. As such, almost everyone checks their emails a few times a day.

Mailchimp is an amazing marketing tool that allows one to craft email marketing campaigns and boost one’s business. This means that with a simple idea and an amazing product or service, one has the power to spur demand and get word out about one’s business.

In addition to letting one craft amazing marketing campaigns and see insights into how one’s campaigns are doing, Mailchimp also offers a free version. This means that anyone can test it out before investing in a subscription with more capabilities.

Google Analytics

When it comes to marketing, few things are more important than understanding customers and their behaviors. Sadly, many entrepreneurs engage in the logical fallacy of believing their hunches about people are facts rather than checking real data. As such, tools that peel back the curtains and give people access to this type of information are incredibly valuable to marketers.

Google Analytics is one of the most heavily used tools to collect and track analytical data about customers and their actions. As such, using this tool allows small business owners to glean insights about customers that can inform their marketing campaigns and make them more effective.

Google Analytics can also be accessed for free, making it a no-brainer for any marketer with a small budget.

Reliable Marketing Strategies

Now that one has a rough understanding of some accessible marketing tools, it’s time to learn how to use them. Having a rough understanding of some key accessible marketing strategies makes it easier for small business owners to take the leap and start marketing. Here are some reliable marketing strategies that anyone can use to boost their business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an amazing resource for small businesses for a variety of reasons. For one, social media pages allow businesses to cultivate a distinct brand identity. In addition, these platforms are amazing spaces for gaining followers and increasing brand awareness.

Beyond these amazing benefits, social media pages are also free. This being the case, small business owners can affordably start spreading the word about their businesses by making amazing social media pages with attractive content.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating content that attracts audiences in order to promote and market one’s brand. This can come in a variety of content forms ranging from blog posts to videos.

Creating content is a great way to take advantage of one’s unique skills. As such, any small business owner looking to generate excitement and make a statement can achieve their marketing goals by engaging in content marketing.

Get Creative

While there are amazing tried and true methods one can utilize to market their business, taking a creative approach can sometimes work wonders. This type of marketing can be unconventional and includes anything from having one’s business name on coffee cup sleeves to sponsoring local pickleball tournaments.

The great thing about this approach is that it lets one experiment with different approaches to find the unique one that’s right for one’s business. As such, all small business owners should get creative and try to discover some unconventional and affordable methods for marketing their businesses.

Marketing is Within Reach for Small Business Owners

While marketing may seem like a daunting task at first glance, anyone willing to put in the time and effort is capable of doing it. In addition, there are more affordable and accessible marketing tools available to small businesses than ever before. This being the case, anyone engaging in an entrepreneurial pursuit should take advantage of the amazing marketing techniques and tools at their disposal in the modern world.