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5 Effective Branding Ideas to Keep You Ahead of the Competition standard

Most customers won’t go in-depth while analyzing a product or service they’re paying for. Sure, they may weigh in features and factors, but they don’t have enough specific knowledge to make a data-based decision. So, what makes them decide? The majority of the product they choose comes from a brand they like the most. It gets even betters since, if the service is exemplary, they might stay loyal customers for years and years to come. With all of this in mind, here are the top five practical branding ideas to help keep your business image ahead of the competition. source 1. Identify your target audience Some businesses are hesitant to outline their target audience clearly. Instead, they cast a wide net, unwilling to dismiss anyone as ...

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Why T-Shirts Make Great Marketing Tools standard

Among the various marketing tactics available at your disposal, utilizing T-shirts may be worth considering if you want to give your marketing a fresh perspective. Both small and large businesses are looking for ways to expand their reach. If widening your reach is one of your goals, branded T-shirts may be worth considering.  If you want your brand to stand out from the competition, making the most of T-shirts as a marketing tool may be an effective promotional move. Once you make an effort to create the ideal T-shirt that best showcases what your brand is all about, it may be the key to reaching out to your target audience and sparking interest.  Today, you have an array of t-shirt printing ...

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6 Excellent Reasons Why Your Business Needs Custom-branded Clothing standard

Custom-branded clothing can take your business to the next level. A business with strong branding is a solid business. It’s impossible to expect a continuous expansion if you don’t have a clear brand. This is why it’s important that you dedicate time, money, and effort to marketing. This is why you are effectively sleeping on your brand if you’re actively marketing but you’re not making use of custom-branded clothing. This article will discuss custom-branded clothing and give insightful information on the following: different kinds of custom-branded clothing reasons why your business needs custom-branded clothing We assure you that after reading this post, you’d fully understand how the easiest way to actively sabotage your business is to not use custom-branded clothing. ...

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Organizational Commitment Key to Delivering Quality Customer Experience – Part 2 image

Customer Experience Part 2

In our previous blog, we discussed the necessary integration of systems to deliver real-time, meaningful customer interactions. Organizations seem to understand the importance of gathering and utilizing data to help create a seamless customer journey, but are struggling at getting it in the hands of the right people at the right time to be truly impactful. You can see how valuing the customer experience requires an organizational commitment to embracing the concept that customers rule supreme. Clearly, every team member from every department needs to be on board with delivering your brand’s strategy. This will lead to less customer turnover and strengthen your position in the marketplace to continue attracting new customers. To effectively focus on the customer experience though, companies ...

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It’s Time to Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience Across Multiple Platforms – Part 1 image

Customer Experience Part 1

Today’s clients are interacting with your company through multiple channels such as your website, your Facebook page, your loyalty program or any number of other ways. And the ways are increasing every year as technology advances, right along with customer expectations right too. So it’s important to create a consistent customer experience across every channel now and for the future. According to Forrester research the customer experience will be more important than price in determining customer purchases and customer retention by the year 2020. Customer brand relationships will require companies to deliver personalized, relevant experiences that empower customer behavior based upon them receiving the right message, at the right time, in the right place. Are companies prepared to do that? Apparently ...

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Case Study: Dek Division (Tyco Electronics) image

A provider of data communication tools, the Dek Div. of Tyco Electronics (Now TE Connectivity), was in need of brand assistance.  What did leading Naperville Marketing Agency Modern Marketing Partners do for the company? Read on to learn the benefits and services offered to improve the company brand image. Challenge: Market New and Existing Product Lines Dek Div. of Tyco Electronics is a fast-growing manufacturer of data communications products. After adding several product lines through both acquisition and internal development, Dek needed a unified and distinctive brand presence– along with a high-powered marketing program to enter new markets. Solution: New Graphic Theme, Improved Website Modern Marketing Partners created a brand structure and bold new graphic theme that carries through all executions. A comprehensive ...

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10 Content Ideas to Improve Your Brand Personality image

Is your content marketing strategy missing the point? Even worse, is your brand story going untold and unshared? With so many different types of content available to tell your brand story, and so much potential for distribution, what can your company do to build credibility, virality, and personality? In this, we would like to share with you some of the best opinions from across the web, including ‘Is your content like spinach?’ and ‘Creative Content Ideas that Aren’t just Articles.’  We hope that the information will help to improve your content and brand personality. 1. Photos Photographs can be used either unaltered, or modified to augment your content. Since most mobile devices now come equipped with easy-to-use cameras and image enhancement apps, ...

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Case Study: Concentra Healthcare image

What happens when a leading health service provider achieves rapid growth?  The team needed to attain a new image in order to continue meeting strategic brand goals.  This is why Modern Marketing Partners (MMP) offered assistance and consulting to Concentra Health in Logo Design and Graphic Imagery.  Read more to learn about the challenges, solutions, and results. Challenge: A leading healthcare cost containment service provider, Concentra grew rapidly through both acquisition and organic. As a division of Concentra Medical Centers, and after entering the healthcare provider network, messaging and branding required a refresh. Solution:  After careful planning and analysis, Modern Marketing Partners found the following solutions for Concentra: a new logo and graphic identity created and implemented in digital, print and ...

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Trademarks – The Biggest Name Development Roadblock image

One of the biggest difficulties, indeed roadblocks, to name development is the high likelihood that the brilliant name that came to you in your sleep last night is already trademarked. In saturated categories like consumer products, healthcare, and technology, trademark “knock-outs”, or eliminations from consideration due to existing trademark conflicts can approach 90%! What’s more, in the United States, even if the trademark does not show up in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database, a trademark conflict can still exist. Finally, if the trademark will be used internationally, various trademark laws must be considered. So what are the considerations for trademarks? Often the intended geographic scope of your trademark use, and who the owners of existing trademarks are ...

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Branding Basics: Why Branding is Your Biggest Marketing Decision image

Branding is typically thought of as developing a name or a logo for a company or product (service). However, branding is much broader and includes brand strategy, brand identity, brand management and the brand experience. Here we will cover quick basics of branding so that you can understand all the elements of brand creation. We'll also explain the importance of branding as it relates to customer brand perception. 1. Brand strategy relates to customer and market insight, positioning, product definition, brand hierarchy, and platform; brand strategy serves as the foundation to brand identity, management and experience. 2. Brand identity is all visual (and verbal) elements including name (trademarks), logo, messaging, graphic themes (including color), taglines and messages, and standards or guidelines. 3. Brand management ...

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