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Marketing is becoming more important than ever to Accounting and CPA firms of all sizes. Why? First, competition is increasing from local, regional, national and non-traditional accounting service providers. Second, marketing has changed radically in the last few years, and accounting firms, conservative by nature, have been slow to change. Third, like other professional service firms, CPAs do not invest enough in marketing, or implement as many marketing initiatives as other industries. So why should CPAs reconsider their marketing?  Because the modern and digitally-focused marketing mix is proving to deliver dramatic and yes, measurable marketing results, regardless of company size and financial resources. This blog will show you how with the Top 10 Marketing Best Practices for Accounting and CPA Firms, along ...

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Accounting and CPA firms are embracing marketing more than ever before. Why? Because the modern marketing mix is proving to deliver dramatic and yes, measurable results. This blog will show you how a top accounting/CPA firm deploys thought-leadership content marketing via Internet and social media to drive sales leads. Two additional blogs in this series give you more information on accounting/CPA firm marketing including Accounting and CPA Firm Marketing Best Practices,  and a marketing case study for a leading accounting technology value-added reseller (VAR). Click Read More below to view this complete marketing case study. CHALLENGE Armanino McKenna is the largest accounting firm in California, ranked 35 in the United States by Accounting Today. Armanino Consulting is the technology services division, and 8th largest value-added reseller (VAR). After ...

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