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How To Boost Your Marketing With These 7 Tech Strategies standard

Like in other sectors today, the marketing field experience constant technological developments. The common marketing technologies are voice search, social media platforms, and email marketing tools. Another technology is artificial intelligence–powered chatbot. It mimics human conversation with customers. However, chatbots can be a target for cyber threats, so ensure chatbot security. This includes partnering with an information technology or IT consultant in New Jersey to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) and end-to-end encryption. Marketers also use data analytics programs and tools to study consumer behavior, helping them make campaign decisions. These are some modern marketing technologies (MarTech) that help companies establish relationships with prospects and customers. This is because these technologies widen their reach and allow them to improve brand recall. Now how can ...

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Maximizing Your Marketing Strategy for Mac Software: Tips and Tricks standard

As with all marketing, reaching your target audience for Mac software depends on getting the formula right. As with the development of the software itself, determining what your product means for the right demographic is a key to success in sales. Beyond that, there are specific tools that you can learn to use. In addition to the standard email marketing that you carry out by means of creating a link between your contact lists on different devices, there are a number of other things you should be doing to carry out successful marketing campaigns. Let’s take a closer look at what a few of these are. Do your research Before beginning any marketing campaign, you need to figure out exactly who you ...

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Why Fintech is Key to Building a Competitive Advantage in Marketing standard

Good software shapes the way that modern business is done. It allows companies to stay lean, implement data, save money, and reach the consuming public in ways that were never before possible. It can also be pretty confusing for the layperson. You know you need finance-related technology. You know that your marketing division needs access to data. But how are these two facts related? In this article, we explore how a good Fintech stack can help you revolutionize the way you appeal to customers. What is Fintech Fintech is shorthand for financial technology. Once you begin to get acquainted with the SaaS (software as a service) industry, you will quickly find that they love their abbreviations. It’s pretty advanced stuff. In fact, several ...

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The State of Artificial Intelligence in Business – How and Why Businesses Are Using AI standard

AI is an exciting, sometimes alarming concept for business leaders all over the world. It has the potential to revolutionize key business performance factors. But can the technology be trusted? And is there a human cost? While we still don’t know exactly how AI will shape the business world in the coming years, it is already playing an important role in optimizing and automating certain tasks. In this article, we examine the current state of AI trends and what they mean for businesses everywhere. Why Businesses Use AI This is one of the complicated features of growth and advancement. Usually, it’s a by-product of technological adoption, not the original purpose of it. But sure. Employers probably do appreciate the opportunity to save a ...

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Tips For Improving Data Security In Database Management standard

As organizations move towards a more digitized landscape, the need to secure their databases against potential threats has become increasingly important. Ensuring that sensitive data and information remains safe from unauthorized access is essential for protecting an organization’s assets. In order to do this, there are several steps that organizations can take to improve their database security such as using strong encryption, securing networks, monitoring database activity and training employees on best practices. By following these tips, organizations can significantly bolster the security of their databases and protect against any malicious actors trying to gain access. 1. Put Access Controls in Place Access control is crucial for limiting unauthorized access to critical information in your databases. It should be implemented at all ...

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5 Efficient Ways to Clear System Storage on a Mac standard

Deleting system storage space on your Mac can be a real pain. Slow performance, limited file space, and even crashes are all consequences of a cluttered hard drive. Fear not. This article will show you five efficient ways to clear up storage and get your Mac running smoothly again. Did you know that the average Mac user has over 60GB of unnecessary files taking up space? Don't be a statistic, take control of your storage now and get started on the road to using a more efficient Mac. 1.  Free Up Your Mac's Storage by Deleting Junk Files System Junk refers to files generated by the system and applications that can accumulate over time, taking up valuable space on your Mac. These ...

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Golang, Blockchain, vs RoR: Which Technology Is Better In 2023? standard

Do you want to find out which technology is the best for your business or project: Golang, Blockchain, or Ruby on Rails? These are three of the most popular technologies used for modern applications and understanding their differences can be vital to finding the one that's right for you. In this article, we'll dive into a comparison of each language and explore how each of them excels in different areas so that you can make an informed decision about which technology is better for your specific needs. Comparing Go, Blockchain, and RoR Golang Golang, also known as Go, was launched in 2009 by Google. It is an open-source programming language developed to improve user-friendly software and bridges the gap between low-level and ...

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3 Biggest Growth Levers For SaaS Companies standard

Software development and use are on a completely different tangent than what you've known as familiar a decade ago. Traditionally, software companies would develop software for every company depending on their needs. Even when a new client needed software similar to a previous one, you had to design a new one. And this was attributed to the transfer of ownership rights.    However, with the current software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology, software companies sometimes have to create a new product for every customer. On the contrary, if you're a SaaS company owner, consider developing a single high-end product that can be used by several customers simultaneously. You only need to host your product on the cloud and grant access and usage capabilities for ...

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What You Need To Know About Cyber Threat Hunting standard

Cyber threats continue to change and become more sophisticated, making it challenging for businesses to deter every potential attack. Fortunately, there are proactive ways to mitigate cyber threats and possible vulnerabilities. One of the methods your business can take is cyber threat hunting. Similar to real-world hunting, cyber hunting is the practice of searching for various threats that remain currently undetected or lurking in your networks and systems. It requires the expertise and skills of a cyber threat hunter who’s a critical thinker, creative, patient, and has a keen eye for spotting network abnormalities. What’s Cyber Threat Hunting Cyber threat hunting is designed to help organizations find gaps, flaws, or vulnerabilities in their network before attackers take advantage of them to infiltrate ...

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A 2022 Guide To IoT Market Trends standard

Now more than ever, the world is interconnected thanks to technology. This has been made possible primarily because of the Internet of Things (IoT).    The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible for different digital devices to communicate with one another. IoT has played a crucial role in promoting greater interactions and communication across various online platforms and channels. Technological devices such as computers, smartphones, and smartwatches all transmit information through IoT. Therefore, IoT is critical for most modern online platforms and communications. Plus, businesses and organizations rely on IoT too.  The IoT's long-term cumulative improvements have contributed to shaping the current technology landscape. The power of IoT is essential to the operation of many devices and systems. Social networking, search ...

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Why Does Email Security Matter? standard

Technology has made significant strides over the last few years, but the tactics used for email phishing haven’t changed all that much. Many of the old strategies still work, and as the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” During Bee Token’s initial coin offering (ICO) in 2018, a scammer pretended to be a member of the Bee team, sending emails to would-be investors and instructing them to deposit ETH into crypto wallets under their control, supposedly in return for Bee Tokens. The scammer ended up collecting $1 million. The attacker’s tactic was, in short:  Pretend to be someone that victims trust.  Trick victims into handing over something of value. Four years later, in 2022, the same technique is being ...

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Don’t Be Afraid To Hire Offshore Developers with this Brief Yet Comprehensive Guide standard

More and more people hire an offshore IT team to help with internal operations. But what should you know before you hire offshore developers? Many companies are still afraid to hire an offshore team because of fear or petty excuses from their mid-management. In this article, we'll provide you with more info about how to find an offshore development team for your needs. What is offshore development? Before you hire offshore programmers, you need to know what offshore development is. Using an offshore team can be an excellent solution for small businesses looking to bring down their costs. Offshoring is when a company hires another company to work on their behalf, sometimes in a different country — whether the employees live in ...

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Security and Privacy Tips for Internet of Things standard

Internet of Things is a phrase used to describe any physical devices or objects which can transfer data over a network or internet, which run with the support of software, can process human commands, and are equipped with sensors. Most common examples of internet of Things include smart watches, smart home security systems, and biometric cybersecurity scanners. There is no doubt that the IoT (Internet of things) has simplified our lives to a great extent. Compare how our lives have been three decades ago with how it is now. There is a sea of differences in our lifestyles and the Internet of Things plays a significant role in this. Despite the myriad of benefits they offer to us, IoT could be ...

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AI in Marketing: 8 Ways Technology Solutions Can Help Businesses Enhance Results standard

As businesses strive to remain competitive in today’s digital age, many are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enhance their marketing efforts. AI can help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers, target them more effectively, and create more personalized content. In this article, we will explore 8 ways that AI can help businesses achieve better marketing results. 1. AI can help businesses collect data for marketing and business intelligence AI can support marketing through one of its most critical needs: data. AI solutions enable businesses to collect data and analyze it to produce actionable insights for areas like targeted advertising, social media marketing, pricing intelligence, and competition market research… Artificial Intelligence is also allowing the automation of data ...

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7 Tips For Successful Adoption Of New Marketing Technologies standard

An organization can be productive and perform well if it can adopt new technological tools for its marketing. Up-to-date marketing technologies make life easier and more comfortable as they allow faster internal and external processes within the company. These new marketing software programs also make the company exceed its competition in many ways, especially when these companies have also adopted newer technologies in their area of business. Knowing the right criteria for the successful acquisition of new technologies is important in growing your company. So here are seven tips on how to successfully adopt new marketing technologies in your business. 1. Identify Your Marketing Goals Before choosing any marketing technology, know the marketing goals your business wants to achieve. Do you wish ...

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Social Ads Coming Soon to WhatsApp image

Social Adds Coming Whats App

Marketers need to begin preparing for WhatsApp advertising. Facebook is all set to start cashing in on the massive popularity of its free messaging application. With 1.5 billion total users and 450 million daily active users worldwide, you had to know it was bound to happen sooner or later. Late last summer, Facebook introduced News Feed ads that could be launched right in the encrypted chat app. This made it possible for advertisers to utilize Facebook to engage consumers and get them to start a chat with a business or a brand on WhatsApp. Facebook recently further enhanced their click-to-WhatsApp ad capabilities by providing traffic, conversions, and post page engagement objectives to these specific campaigns. This allows for better integration and tracking between Facebook and WhatsApp, creating a stronger ...

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How Screen Recording Software Can Help Grow Your Online Business standard

In today's online retail market it takes much more than just getting customers to land on your website. You not only need customers to land on your website, but you need them to complete certain tasks on your website. Depending on the type of business that you are operating such tasks might include anything from purchasing an item off your e-commerce site to viewing a particular page or having them enter their information in your database so that you can send them future information. This is exactly where screen recording software like Movavi Screen Recorder can come in handy. Such software can help draw attention to your site while keeping customers engaged at the same time. Creating Tutorials and Informational ...

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Alexa: Develop a Branded Voice Experience for My Company image

Alexa Voice Activated Search Opportunities

Brands looking for new ways too engage customers may find potential in creating branded voice experiences on Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. You don’t want to miss an opportunity and not enter the voice-enabled world that seems to be evolving every minute. While most marketers will agree that voice-activated smart devices and voice branding are in their infancy, you just can’t deny the explosive growth of this industry over the past couple of years. They have entered the homes of consumers everywhere, with an estimated 64 million U.S. households expected to be equipped with one by end of this year. Voice commands on Alexa are becoming like search on Google. And by 2020 more than half of ...

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Keeping Customer Data Safe image

Customer Data Safe

As marketers we like to talk about data. It’s usually in terms of how to access it and harness it to be more beneficial to our business. While data has tremendous value to our organizations, we need to remember with equal vigor to ensure its protection. Let’s face it; privacy hasn’t had a great year. Reports of breaches and mishandled data appear to be occurring daily. The big news hit early when in March the story broke that political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica hacked 87 million Facebook profiles, resulting in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg having to testify before Congress and the European Parliament. If your audience wasn’t already uneasy, they most likely will be after this year. Companies have to step ...

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Voice-activated Virtual Assistants Are Changing Customer Behavior image

Voice Activated Search

Is your company prepared for Voice search? Currently about 25 percent of all mobile searches are voice-activated, and by 2020 that number is expected to climb to 50 percent. Marketers believe half of all consumers will use a combination of voice-activated and artificial intelligence (AI) technology daily within the next year or two. Low Adoption Rate by Marketers It would seem only fair to say that marketers need to prioritize designing strategy around these technologies in order to meet customers’ rising expectations. However, a 2017 study by BrightEdge found that just 35 percent of marketers are somewhat likely or likely to adopt voice search in the near future, and only 3 percent were rolling it out last year. Additionally, 32 percent ...

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4 Digital Tools that Make Content Creation a Little Easier image

4 Digital Tools

Marketers’ jobs include a little bit of everything today. Companies are investing in social media, public relations, website and landing pages, advertising, email campaigns, blogging, vlogging, and the list goes on and on. And content creation for all these tactics is a critical component of their success. While technology has driven marketing in new directions, it has also provided marketers and content writers with new digital tools to help simplify their jobs. Today there are boundless apps and tools that didn’t even exist five or 10 years ago. Many of the tools you’re probably currently using may be MailChimp for email list and automation marketing, Hubspot for content creation or Buffer for social media scheduling and replying. However, there are several ...

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Integrating Digital Signage to Deliver Customer Engagement image

Digital Signage

Digital signage is growing in marketing and advertising usage across industries. In 2015, the digital signage market was valued at nearly $17 billion and is expected to continue growing to reach approximately $33 billion by 2023. Multi-screen video walls, free-standing kiosks, tablet devices, and other products can deliver information about a company’s products and services through quality graphics and videos. The very nature of digital signage allows for companies to really showcase new promotions, important announcements, and real-time product descriptions to gain the edge over their competition. You might not even realize how prevalent they are today, but your daily life is full them. Think the mall, grocery store, health club, financial institution, provider office visit, etc. all of which ...

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Text Messaging: The Neglected Marketing Channel image

Text Messaging

It’s difficult to find someone these days that doesn’t keep their phone nearby. Text messages, in particular, are opened far more often than almost any other marketing channel. With this in mind, why wouldn’t marketers want to use it in their marketing efforts? We’ve compiled some important statistics about text message marketing and its usefulness. Keep reading to discover just how effective a tool text message marketing can be. When Is It Being Used? Understanding how fellow marketers are using text messaging will help you better understand how to use it for your business. For one, marketers like using it for important and urgent messages. It’s also an effective tool when other channels prove ineffective. How Quick is Response? Everyone acknowledges that text ...

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Marketing Confidence Strong in 2018 image

AMA Study

A recent study by the American Marketing Association and Kantar Consulting takes a look at marketers’ optimism and abilities in the first Marketers’ Confidence Index of 2018. Marketing’s reach today has evolved into the realm of technology and social media requiring a constant attention to learning new skills and adopting new tools. Examining how marketers feel about their roles and the changing landscape provides an opportunity for reflection and analysis for your own companies as well. According to the survey, marketers from the B2B and B2C arenas are encouraged about the outlook of marketing in their organizations, ranking their confidence at 130. A score of 100 would mean that they simply believe customer spending, marketing budgets, and the investment climate ...

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Beyond AI: Marketing Makes Way for Machine Learning image

Machine Learning

So many of our everyday marketing decisions are driven by data. Companies have caught on to the importance of gathering data, and do so now from across multiple platforms. In fact, so much data is being collected these days that by 2020 it will have quadrupled what was accumulated in 2015, according to the market research firm, International Data Corp. Data’s value though comes from using it to garner insights and then putting those insights into practice to improve your business. That’s why artificial intelligence has made its way into marketing lingo over the past few years. Something needed to be done to harness all the data. Today, sites like Pinterest use AI to program their systems to assist with ...

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