Digital signage is growing in marketing and advertising usage across industries. In 2015, the digital signage market was valued at nearly $17 billion and is expected to continue growing to reach approximately $33 billion by 2023. Multi-screen video walls, free-standing kiosks, tablet devices, and other products can deliver information about a company’s products and services through quality graphics and videos.

The very nature of digital signage allows for companies to really showcase new promotions, important announcements, and real-time product descriptions to gain the edge over their competition. You might not even realize how prevalent they are today, but your daily life is full them. Think the mall, grocery store, health club, financial institution, provider office visit, etc. all of which are probably using media of some sort to interact with you.

That’s because companies are looking to capture customers’ attention and create more engaged, satisfying, and meaningful experiences. While in the past this was hard to do with digital signage due to its cost and complexity, that’s is no longer the case. The next evolution of digital signage supports an easy and immersive experience for customers in any setting.

In fact, the main benefits of this type of visual communications, are that it can create an immersive consumer experience, resulting in increased opportunities for cross-selling, up-selling and even impulse-buying through the quick adaption and deployment of engaging content. Companies, including associations, need to understand the value of connectivity that digital displays offer them as part of an overall marketing strategy.

Here are top five benefits of digital signage displays that can help increase your client base and help retain them as well.

Increased Interest & Recall. According to a Arbitron Study, digital signage has a 83 percent recall rate. While 20 percent of people will read text on a page, 80 percent will watch a video. Additionally, 8 out of 10 customers say they have entered a store because a digital sign caught their interest and 40 percent say digital signs can change their minds about what they buy. It clearly helps to have relevant information to support customers’ shopping efforts right at the location.

Affordability. Increased affordability of video displays is making it possible for more organizations to deploy multi-screen displays and touchscreens to create compelling and interactive video experiences for their customers. Large LED screen prices have dropped by 15 to 20 percent over the last several years and lightweight LED technology has made installation less costly and complex. Plus, if the info is on a display that means it doesn’t need to be printed in a brochure so your printing costs for marketing materials should go way down.

Smaller, Smarter Media Players. As technology advances chip production, data density is doubling with ultra-compact digital signage sticks with integrated software as small as a pink eraser.

Easy Delivery. Powerful cloud-based content management systems are making it easy and efficient to manage digital displays. Advancements in user interfaces also allow for access from any device at any time. Marketers can create, program, and deliver marketing and advertising messages with easy, on-demand editing, as well as deploy messaging to other stores, clubs or branches.

Digital Customer Engagement. Today’s systems offer the ability to aggregate social media from Twitter or Instagram or online video from YouTube, add streaming RSS feeds and weather updates, as well as access libraries of editable content. Digital displays can also flow in company product and service information alongside social media assets to further drive brand messaging and build trust.

Digital signage offers a great first impression and serves as a marketing channel that can deliver engagement and sales. Customers’ today have a broad choice, a desire for convenience, and a short attention span. Digital signage provides marketers with a channel that can quickly and easily reflect consumer interests at any given time.