Software marketing is a special beast to conquer. With so many companies attempting to gain some market share, it is not easy to grab a footing. Moreover, customers are becoming exhausted by many marketing tactics. Following are 3 major challenges of software marketing.

Intense Competition

Effective marketing of business software to executive decision makers is increasingly challenging. With broad adoption of software as a service (SaaS), and high valuations for independent software vendors (ISVs), competition has grown dramatically over the last decade. Today, over 100,000 software brands compete in more than 300 categories.

Paid Marketing Over-Saturation

Your competitors are using all kinds of paid marketing and sales tactics. This is also giving the largest brands the advantage, because they have more capital to spend on marketing. The company with the priciest marketing practices benefits from increased awareness. When it’s time to buy software, these businesses will be at the forefront of the customers’ brain.

Customers Avoid You

Because of the intense competition and paid marketing over-saturation, customers are growing weary of traditional marketing tactics. This can be to the point of avoidance. Your marketing may be treated more as spam or a nuisance. If customers are filtering you out of their minds, you may be left out of the software purchase decision when it comes time.

Where’s the Solution?

Alright, so I gave you the greatest challenges of software marketing, but how do we fix the problem? How does a smaller brand differentiate itself from its competitors without breaking the bank? We explore some software marketing solutions in Modern Marketing Partners’ latest guide. Learn how to improve your software marketing tactics; to download this free guide, click here.