Software Marketing Guide: Tips and Trade Secrets for Success

Effective marketing of business software to executive decision makers is increasingly challenging. With broad adoption of software as a service (SaaS), and high valuations for independent software vendors (ISVs), competition has grown dramatically over the last decade. Today, over 100,000 software brands compete in more than 300 categories.

At the same time marketing has evolved dramatically to a focus on digital tactics. Today, these digital marketing tools and techniques are more widely available, leveling the playing field, and allowing smaller brands to compete against the giants.

So what is a software marketing best practices guide? It’s a proven and refined process for achieving significant and measurable marketing and sales results. First, key marketing challenges that all software vendors face are identified. Second, a proprietary process for overcoming these challenges and achieving market leadership is detailed. A case study illustrates a real-life program, along with a marketing dashboard that captures and reports results. Next, a Top 10 Keys to Software Marketing Success summarizes the process. Finally, several relevant software marketing resources are provided.

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Software Marketing Guide