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Marketing and PR

The pandemic has made marketing and public relations (PR) difficult. Many  companies have had to change the way they communicate to their audience. See how to market and do PR during uncertain times below. As reported by Forbes on October 27th, 2020 by Simon Corbett. Marketing And PR In Uncertain Times Our current pandemic reality does not share too many obvious similarities with the book Love in the Time of Cholera, but you could say that marketing and love are at least partly connected. After all, they both use communication to build a relationship. Granted, one is more intimate than the other, but for relationships to survive during a pandemic-inspired lockdown, they do need some attention. Do You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At ...

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Chiquita PR

Chiquita’s brand image comes across as fun and playful, but the company has some dark history. Chiquita’s original name was United Fruits before rebranding and was an extremely powerful business in South America; so powerful that it had great influence over the local government. When the government tried to regain control in the 1950s, UF launched a PR campaign in retaliation, portraying the Guatemalan government as communist. Meanwhile, UF was branded as the crusader against communism in South and Central America (PS: The Guatemalan government was not, in fact, communist). The campaign was successful and led to a CIA coup to overthrow Guatemala’s leaders. So how did all of this unfold? A Little Bit of Background… United Fruits: South America’s Large Monopoly To ...

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New Rules of PR: A Guide to Modern Publicity image

The popularity and use of free publicity, PR, public relations or media relations historically increases when the economy tanks. In the midst of this seemingly extended downturn, PR is certainly gaining priority in the business-to-business marketing mix. At the same time, PR is changing significantly. So how can you refine your PR to realize greater results? This blog will examine how PR has changed, and how your PR program can change to leverage new PR opportunities. Next, we‘ll focus on the specifics of PR distribution options and develop overall new rules of PR. PR Has Changed – Have you changed your PR? So, how has PR changed? Not to overstate, but PR has changed more in the last few years than in ...

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