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How IT Experts Can Support Your Marketing Department standard

The intersection between IT and marketing may not always be intuitive, but it is definitely there. Below are some of the ways IT can support and make valuable contributions to marketing. 1. Share data insights with the marketing department IT and IT experts can support marketing by sharing insights from data analysis, such as customer behaviour. Marketers can use this insight not just for their own campaigns and strategies but also to support product development and infrastructure enhancements for better customer experience and service quality. 2. Make recommendations on marketing strategy and tactics that affect the company's technical environment IT can provide recommendations based on web analytics data that will inform the marketing department on how to improve their existing online presence. Using ...

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6 Tips to Grow Your IT Business standard

You need to understand that you can't afford to ignore anything when it comes to running a profitable business, whether you’re a brick and mortar family business or provide remote IT services. There are many different channels which you should be using in order to get the most out of your efforts and make sure you don't fritter away your profits because of lack of investment. With that in mind, below are 6 tips to grow your IT business.  1. Find the right market The IT market is quite broad and finding your niche is one of the best ways to ensure sustainable growth. Some submarkets are more popular than others, but are also very competitive. Make sure you choose the ...

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