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Tactics to Keep Your Paid Search Campaign Going Strong image

Pay Per Click

Let’s take a few minutes and have quick refresher lesson on paid advertisement. Many organizations, probably including you, are using paid search, also known as pay per click (PPC), to get visitors to click through to your site vs. just finding you through SEO. In fact, PPC can be a powerful search strategy while you are in the process of building your organic search. Today, Google AdWord display advertisements typically appear at the top and bottom of a search engine result page (SERP). This was not the case a year or so ago when they also appeared on the right-hand side of a SERP as well. The ads were more distinguishable then from organic results too, but things are always ...

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Google AdWords Customer Match Targeting image

Customer Match AdWords

One of our favorite new AdWords features from 2015 was Customer Match. In short, Customer Match gives advertisers the ability to upload email lists (ex: an existing customer list or a prospect list) and target them in search, YouTube, and Gmail. Email addresses will be matched to signed-in users on Google. If you have created custom audiences on Facebook or tailored audiences on Twitter this feature will be familiar to you. Does your business provide a product or service that requires repeat customer purchases? One example of a great use for Customer Match is to upsell your existing customers. That is just one example of how you can leverage this powerful new feature. Similar to remarketing, you can even exclude your uploaded list. Stay tuned for ...

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Google AdWords Announces Call-Only Campaigns image

Call Only Campaigns Google AdWords

According to Google, around 70% of mobile searches call a business directly from search results, prompting the launch of Call-Only AdWords campaigns. Call-Only campaigns are perfect for businesses looking to drive phone calls and not necessarily website traffic. They also provide a unique opportunity for advertisers that do not have a mobile-optimized website. Phone numbers will be prominently displayed in the ad headline and a Call button will also be visible. Users who click on either will see the standard prompt on their smart phone to confirm the call. While the display URL appears, it will not link to the website, and instead lets users know who they are calling. Check out an example of a Call-Only ad below: Source: Google Call-Only Campaigns Optimized For Mobile These ...

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Google AdWords Certification Program, now free! image

Google announced a big update for advertisers this week via email. Starting Monday, September 30th, Google will begin replacing their Google Certification Program with Google Partners, which according to Google, will include improvements that make it easier and more meaningful to get certified in Google advertising solutions like AdWords. How this will affect certified professionals • Beginning September 30, 2013, access to your GCP account will be read-only. • You'll need a Google Partners account to take exams and get certified. • Taking exams and getting certified will be free. (Currently $50 USD per exam) • Your GCP exam history and AdWords certification status will transfer to Partners when you join using the same Google account. • Certifications earned through GCP will remain valid through ...

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Paid Search – Advanced Techniques image

In our three-part Paid Search Series, we have shared a variety of tips for winning the search war, including details on both paid search, or PPC, and organic search. Part one covered some the basics of PPC including keywords, placements, and rankings. Part two detailed the differences between paid and organic search. In our final post, we will be discussing more advanced techniques, including 3 critical components of starting a new campaign: choosing a campaign type, keyword match types, and bids and budgets. Choosing the Right Campaign Type The first consideration in any Adwords campaign is to choose the campaign type, which ultimately decides which types of ads you design and where they are seen. When choosing your campaign type, first pick ...

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