According to Google, around 70% of mobile searches call a business directly from search results, prompting the launch of Call-Only AdWords campaigns.

Call-Only campaigns are perfect for businesses looking to drive phone calls and not necessarily website traffic. They also provide a unique opportunity for advertisers that do not have a mobile-optimized website.

Phone numbers will be prominently displayed in the ad headline and a Call button will also be visible. Users who click on either will see the standard prompt on their smart phone to confirm the call. While the display URL appears, it will not link to the website, and instead lets users know who they are calling.

Check out an example of a Call-Only ad below:

Call Only Campaign Google AdWords

Source: Google

Call-Only Campaigns Optimized For Mobile

These campaigns will be optimized for mobile devices and only show on mobile devices that can make phone calls.

Because every click goes towards a phone call you can adjust your bidding strategy accordingly. For example, bids based on the value of the call.

Setting Up Call-Only Campaigns in AdWords

Previously, call-only ads were possible to set up with call extensions. However, call extensions only show up if you are in the top ad spots, not the ones on the right side of the SERP.  Therefore, if your ads showed up low, the call extension wouldn’t show, and users would instead click through to your website.

Now, call-Only campaigns have simplified the setup process and allow advertisers to use calls from ads as the conversion type to track across the campaign.

New Ad: Call-Only

To use Call-Only on a new ad, during the ad creation process simply choose “Call-only” as the ad type.

Call Only Ad Type Google

Existing Search Network Campaigns: Call-Only

To add a Call-Only ad to an existing search network campaign, simply create a new Call-only ad from within your existing ad group.

Call Only Existing Ad Group

Moving Call-Only ads to Call-Only Campaigns

Do you currently use call extensions to create call-only ads? If you’d like to move these to a call-only campaign you have two options:

  1. Duplicate the campaign
  2. Change the campaign type to Call-Only

For both options you will then have to remove your existing ads and add new Call-Only ads.


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