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Tips For Improving Data Security In Database Management standard

As organizations move towards a more digitized landscape, the need to secure their databases against potential threats has become increasingly important. Ensuring that sensitive data and information remains safe from unauthorized access is essential for protecting an organization’s assets. In order to do this, there are several steps that organizations can take to improve their database security such as using strong encryption, securing networks, monitoring database activity and training employees on best practices. By following these tips, organizations can significantly bolster the security of their databases and protect against any malicious actors trying to gain access. 1. Put Access Controls in Place Access control is crucial for limiting unauthorized access to critical information in your databases. It should be implemented at all ...

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What You Need To Know About Cyber Threat Hunting standard

Cyber threats continue to change and become more sophisticated, making it challenging for businesses to deter every potential attack. Fortunately, there are proactive ways to mitigate cyber threats and possible vulnerabilities. One of the methods your business can take is cyber threat hunting. Similar to real-world hunting, cyber hunting is the practice of searching for various threats that remain currently undetected or lurking in your networks and systems. It requires the expertise and skills of a cyber threat hunter who’s a critical thinker, creative, patient, and has a keen eye for spotting network abnormalities. What’s Cyber Threat Hunting Cyber threat hunting is designed to help organizations find gaps, flaws, or vulnerabilities in their network before attackers take advantage of them to infiltrate ...

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Security and Privacy Tips for Internet of Things standard

Internet of Things is a phrase used to describe any physical devices or objects which can transfer data over a network or internet, which run with the support of software, can process human commands, and are equipped with sensors. Most common examples of internet of Things include smart watches, smart home security systems, and biometric cybersecurity scanners. There is no doubt that the IoT (Internet of things) has simplified our lives to a great extent. Compare how our lives have been three decades ago with how it is now. There is a sea of differences in our lifestyles and the Internet of Things plays a significant role in this. Despite the myriad of benefits they offer to us, IoT could be ...

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Don’t Let Cybercriminals Nip Your Business in the Bud: Cybersecurity for Startups standard

Small businesses are the target of 43 percent of all cyberattacks, and 60 percent of these are out of business within six months of the attack. It's vital to spot the dangers and know how to avoid them. Let’s look at the main cybersecurity threats for emerging businesses and how to deal with them. Phishing Phishing is tricking people into revealing private information such as passwords or codes. This is most often done by email. The illegally acquired data can then be used to steal money, customer details, or technical secrets from the company. How to prevent this from happening to your company? Train all your employees to treat every email from an unknown source as dangerous. They should never click on a link ...

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