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7 Tips to Design an Attractive Trade Show Booth for More Leads standard

If you're planning on attending a trade show, you know how important it is to have a booth that stands out from the crowd. The purpose of your booth is to attract new customers and give them a reason to approach you. That's why creating an attractive, eye-catching design for your booth is so important. Here are seven tips for creating the perfect one. 1. Focus on the Theme A trade show is an excellent opportunity to get your brand out there, so make sure your booth design reflects it. Use a clear, visual theme that matches your brand, and incorporate it into all aspects of the booth. For example, if you're in the construction industry and want to attract new ...

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Using Speaker Notes in PowerPoint to Create Winning Presentation standard

Hundreds of presentations are created every day to make the audience aware of something and get a certain result. Some are great, some are ordinary, but most are unsuccessful. Why is this so? Presentation is the most common tool for delivering information since the appearance of PowerPoint. Its simplicity and multi-functionality have been the reason for the popularity of the program and presentations as such. And despite the emergence of other tools for creating web projects, many have a preference for this particular program. You can also use ready-made PowerPoint templates that help you create a professional-looking and high-quality presentation in a short time. Despite the ease of the software, some people do not understand the features that can ...

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Event Marketing Checklist – Trade Shows and Live Events image

Trade Show Marketing Checklist

Before we get to that checklist, please consider some well-known event marketing truths. First, trade shows and live events are still very important in many industries including technology, healthcare, construction, and markets that require continuing education. Second, trade shows and live events are typically expensive to participate in, and difficult to measure marketing return on investment (MROI). Finally, trade shows and live events are often ineffective due to lack of promotion, and many other reasons. The event marketing experts at Modern Marketing Partners address these truths regarding trade shows and live events with a 88-Point Trade Show and Live Event Marketing Checklist, along with some additional, relevant resources. Need help with Webcasts? Check out our  57-Point Webcast Effectiveness Checklist. Event Marketing ...

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Event Marketing Preshow Tips image

Trade Shows

Trade shows offer a unique way to connect with your target audience for a little face-to-face time. Businesses in a range of industries including technology, construction, electronics, health & wellness, medical, business services, entertainment, etc. use trade events as a part of their overall marketing strategy. They provide an incredible opportunity to influence decision makers during a quick, in-person presentation or conversation. There’s really nothing like it today. Businesses of any size get to experience exposure to a large number of potential customers with the ability to interact with them personally. Customer engagement is at its highest when attendees and company representatives have some time to begin communicating and building relationships. Many companies understand that in order for this to happen ...

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Nimlok: 7 Tips for Following Up After a Trade Show image

trade show

Follow up after a trade show is just as crucial as your actions during the trade show. Our friends at Nimlok describe 7 important tips for trade show follow up below (original article here). Respond with a Follow Up within 24 to 48 Hours The absolute best tip for following up after a trade show is to do it quickly. A prompt response may be exactly what you need to set your company apart from the competition. If you have a follow up campaign already set up and ready to go, it will make things much easier. In fact, if you’re collecting emails via tablets or kiosks, you can have your follow up emails scheduled and ready for delivery. Fully Qualify Leads ...

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Trade Show Marketing (Part3/3): Results Measurement image

Trade shows are one of the most important- and costly- elements of the marketing mix for a product or service. In our three part series, we’ve covered the planning needed before the show followed by the execution during the event.  Now we will cover how you can measure your return on investment (ROI) from all the work- and money- you put into Part 1 and Part 2. As mentioned previously, trade shows are costly requiring a great deal of resources including time and costs associatedwith not only the show itself, but also travel time and expenses.  Some make the argument that the strongest measurement for your return on investment (ROI) is the sales leads generated from the show. However, we ...

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Trade Show Marketing (Part 2/3): At the Show image

In part 1 of our trade show marketing blog, we discussed the details of planning a for a trade show. Planning is one of the most important parts of any business activity, with no exception to large trade shows, as it gives you a strategy and a guide to work around. In part 2, we will walk you through the execution of a successful trade show. This post focuses on bringing the right materials, getting the most out of your staff, setting yourself up for post-show measurement, qualifying leads, and understanding that not all attendees fit your target market. 1.)    Materials Needed (and sometimes forgot) One challenge of hosting a booth at a trade show is sheer amount of materials needed. With the ...

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Trade Show Marketing (Part 1/3): Planning image

In our three-part trade show marketing series, we will cover before, during, and after a trade show (planning, at-the show, and results measurement). No question trade shows are one of marketing’s biggest budget line items including exhibit construction, storage, transportation, erection and space rental, not to mention staffing and travel expenses. Therefore, the planning phase is of increased importance and the first step (of course) of all trade show events. The trade show planning phase should consist of the following 5 steps: trade show research/selection, goal setting, display selection, budgeting, and pre-show promotion. 1. Trade Show Research and Selection There are thousands of trade shows per year and many marketers have reduced their trade show marketing budgets, often by eliminating certain shows. Therefore, ...

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