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7 Common Startup Problems (and Their Solutions) standard

Business startups face many challenges in today’s markets, not the least of which is holding true to an original vision under enormous pressure from both customers and the industry in which they’re operating. If you’re thinking of launching a startup, or are already deep in the startup process, you’ve likely come across one or more of these common startup problems. These seven issues are common but fixable. Here, we’ll discuss the problems and what you can do to navigate them successfully. 1. Qualified Candidates With so many people in the world and the endless connection possibilities of the internet, you’d think there would be qualified candidates lined up to work at new startup. Unfortunately, however, that’s not the case. Qualified candidates ...

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Startup Marketing Best Practices image

The high failure rate of startups can most often be attributed to ineffective marketing. This Startup Marketing Best Practice Guide attempts to identify the critical marketing disciplines, and sub-disciplines required to succeed including competitive analysis, branding, digital marketing, and ongoing communications. Digital marketing encompasses key sub-disciplines of web design, search engine optimization, social media, and content. To download, please click ...

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