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6 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Marketing standard

Marketing is crucial for any small business seeking to increase its customer base and scale its operations. As you update yourself with the current marketing trends, constantly review your digital marketing strategies and find better ways to market. Here is how you can improve marketing for your startup or small business. Embrace Account Based Marketing Account based marketing (ABM) is a data-driven approach and revenue strategy that enables you to target accounts that are potential customers exclusively. The marketing strategy enhances the efficiency as you pay more attention to probable future customers, dedicating your resources to them. By working with an account based marketing agency, you get to maximize your results from high-value accounts while delivering relevant and consistent customer experiences. ...

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The Ultimate Checklist For Starting A Successful T-Shirt Business standard

When it comes to clothing, t-shirts are considered casual wear for both men and women. They also serve as a reflection of identities, interests, and personalities. Because of this, selling t-shirts has become a popular way for those who want to start a new business. With the increasing popularity of t-shirt selling, there’s no doubt you can earn extra income each month.  However, building a t-shirt business requires proper planning and decision-making such as whether you’d use a t-shirt design maker. Since the said business idea is in demand nowadays, you need to make sure your business startup is set for success by keeping clients and generating more income. Keep reading this article to learn about the ultimate checklist for starting ...

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Tech Startup Marketing: 9 Disciplines for Success image

Marketing Disciplines

Startup success stories are more prevalent than ever with the top GAFAM technology brands (Google/Apple/Facebook/Apple/Microsoft) dominating the news, followed by hundreds of startup $1+ billion market cap Unicorns (a record 700 Unicorns in 2021), along with record IPO activity now fueled by special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACS). Yet the failure rate of startups continues to hover at 90% including a 20% failure rate in year 1. Also consistent with the 90% failure rate is the 10% success rate of startups that succeed after 10 years according to Investopedia. Fortune magazine published a study on startup failures that identified the Top 20 Reasons as stated by the founders. “No Market Need” ranked as the Top Reason for failure at 42%, followed by ...

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Starting A Business: Essential Advice To Help You Through standard

Starting a business is a lot to handle, in all honesty. Starting from the funding, acquisition, and efforts put in place to ensure that the business succeeds. It is no news that new business owners feel a lot of pressure before and immediately after starting a business. Ideas that they could confidently defend as a plan become a hectic chore for them to implement. This is very normal and even expresses your drive for success and fear of failure. It shows that one wrong step could cause a lot of chaos that will ruin your business. There are a lot of things that are essential to note before commencing with your business. What Do I Need To Know Before Starting ...

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7 Tips For Creating A Business Pitch Investors Can’t Refuse standard

Is your business on track to become a hit? Maybe you have a brilliant idea but need to rally funds to bring it to life. New businesses sprout up every day — there were 800k startups in 2020 — and raising capital is crucial. But how will you garner funds? It sounds like you need to learn how to make a great business pitch. A successful pitch illuminates the market demand and your solution in an authentic way. How will you prove the business is viable?  Keep reading for the best strategies for creating a business pitch investors can’t resist.  1) Write a compelling story A story moves people more than numbers and cold hard data. So, instead of leading with digits, tell ...

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5 Effective Marketing Strategies Startups Should Utilize in 2021 standard

As an entrepreneur, your business is your pride and joy. Once you’ve gained the credentials and experience needed to launch a startup, knowing how to attract clients and customers to your business can be challenging. The way you market your brand can be the difference between establishing a successful company and failing, so to spread awareness and ensure the right people see your products or services, here are some of the top marketing tactics to implement into your operation this year. Create Social Media Pages Whether you’re a fan of social media or not, all new businesses need to establish a social media presence to survive. When you factor in that billions of people across the world use the internet and social ...

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How to Increase Brand Awareness for Your Startup: The Ultimate Guide standard

Whether you operate in the food and hospitality sector, have your own online coffee store, or concentrate on health and fitness, the amount of success your startup receives will be determined by how you market and promote it. Once you’ve established your target audience, here is the ultimate guide on how to boost brand awareness for your startup. Use Social Media Whether you’re a fan or prefer to avoid it, know that social media is a powerful platform that all startups should use. With the COVID-19 outbreak transforming the way businesses operate, more and more startups are running their services online. Setting up a business page on social media can be a fantastic way to connect with consumers, keep your audience ...

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Philanthropy and Venture Capitalism, the Not So Strange Bedfellows standard

Venture capitalism involves investment and funding of startup companies and ventures in emerging markets. As with any type of investment, the ultimate goal is to make money. Venture capitalists help finance these budding companies for equity or a stake of ownership, with the intention of seeing a good return on their investment. Whereas most private equity investors are concerned with the private good, philanthropy focuses on the good of the public. It usually aims to solve the root of a particular societal ill and should not be confused with charity, which is more concerned with alleviating the pain of a particular problem. One might think of philanthropy and venture capitalism being at odds, but the reality is that they ...

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7 Common Startup Problems (and Their Solutions) standard

Business startups face many challenges in today’s markets, not the least of which is holding true to an original vision under enormous pressure from both customers and the industry in which they’re operating. If you’re thinking of launching a startup, or are already deep in the startup process, you’ve likely come across one or more of these common startup problems. These seven issues are common but fixable. Here, we’ll discuss the problems and what you can do to navigate them successfully. 1. Qualified Candidates With so many people in the world and the endless connection possibilities of the internet, you’d think there would be qualified candidates lined up to work at new startup. Unfortunately, however, that’s not the case. Qualified candidates ...

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Startup Marketing Best Practices image

The high failure rate of startups can most often be attributed to ineffective marketing. This Startup Marketing Best Practice Guide attempts to identify the critical marketing disciplines, and sub-disciplines required to succeed including competitive analysis, branding, digital marketing, and ongoing communications. Digital marketing encompasses key sub-disciplines of web design, search engine optimization, social media, and content. To download, please click ...

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