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How to Make a Career Change into Marketing standard

If you’ve always been interested in marketing but weren’t sure you should change careers at this point in your life, there's never been a better time. With the shift to remote working as the new normal going forward, and businesses needing help getting back on track to become profitable again, there’s no shortage of available positions. However, if you’ve never worked in marketing, you need to have the right skills to make your mark. Choose a Niche In the marketing world, you can choose to work in the B2C or B2B sector. B2C, or business to consumer, involves marketing to the general public. On the other hand, B2B, or business to business marketing, involves one business marketing its product or service ...

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What Do You Need for a Marketing Career? standard

Marketing is a popular and diverse career option for people from all backgrounds. As the world continues to evolve and customer preferences change, marketing is becoming an increasingly diverse practice. These days, you can build a career in everything from SEO and content production, to social media and email marketing. One great thing about working in this industry is that it’s unlikely demand for you will become obsolete. Although you may need to learn new skills over time, companies will always need marketing professionals to help them reach their target audience. At the same time, there’s plenty of ways to shake up your career by working on different projects. However, you will need a few things to get started ...

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Outsource vs. Insource Marketing image

Outsource vs Insource Marketing

Whether to insource marketing to an employee,  or outsource marketing to an external agency or consultant is a common but very important decision. No question, there are pros and cons of either option, and a combination of both marketing staff and outsourced marketing is the most common scenario. The right balance is surely unique to each organization. To assist in your consideration and decision making, following are definitions of Outsourcing and Insourcing, the pros and cons of both, some typical marketing organization structures, a Cost/Benefit Analysis, and finally recommended resources. But first, please consider some modern marketing realities. Modern Marketing Realities Marketing has changed rapidly, evolving to a digital marketing mix, and often employing marketing technology, or MarTech. The skill sets for managing a multitude of disparate marketing activities typically requires multiple individuals; skills ...

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7 Types of Marketing Organization Structures image

When you think of marketing organizations, what structures come to mind?  Do you believe in the strictly traditional marketing structures?  How should one organize their marketing team for optimal efficiency, communication, and customer focus? In this article, we will share the top trends in organizing a marketing team, as defined by a recent HubSpot study, The CMO’s Guide to Marketing Organization Structures.  In this, we will share the key features of efficient marketing teams, the structures that leading organizations use, and quotes from the organization leaders. We hope these generous contributions shed some light on the subject for marketing leaders who are rethinking how to organize their departments to take advantage of changes to all stages at the buying process. Please ...

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