Managing a marketing campaign includes organizing different teams. There are designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, researchers, and others that play their part. Microsoft developed powerful software that helps project managers facilitate their work. It allows you to plan, execute and monitor every aspect of your project, large or small. In this article, we are going to analyze the benefits of Microsoft Project for marketing business. We will let you in on a series of tips and tricks that will provide you with full control of every marketing campaign.

Microsoft ProjectsWhat is Microsoft Project?

MS Projects is a piece of software that allows seamless project management. It gives you all the tools you need to plan your campaign, communicate with team members, and keep track of progress. A lot of people are asking does ms project work on mac operating systems. This software is made for Windows OS. However, there are interesting alternatives you can use. Also, there are virtual machine apps that allow the use of this software on MAC.

Moreover, MS Projects works well with MS Teams, which allows you to share files or keep track of your remote team members. Now let’s check out how this amazing tool helps you manage your marketing business.

Define your project goals

To run any project with success, you need to define your goals. These can differ depending on the needs of your client, however, it’s up to you to pave the road to reaching your objectives. One of the great pers of MS Project is an abundant offer of templates. Some of them are intended for marketing project planning. This means you can use a template designed specifically for marketing business and define your goals in detail.

Create a plan

Once you define your goals, comes the challenging part which is creating a project plan. This usually includes forming diverse tasks, milestones, and organizing resources. Thanks to Microsoft Project, you can perform these tasks with ease. More than that, you have a full overview of the progress, so you can adjust your plan if needed. Thanks to this software, you can dedicate resources to each task, set up deadlines, and place constraints. And you can also share your entire plan with people who need access.

Organize your team

As a marketing project manager, you need to navigate a versatile team. Using a piece of software such as MS Project makes this job much easier. You can assign tasks to each member of your team individually. All you have to do is choose a task and assign a team member to it. You can assign additional resources if needed, and set up deadlines and other details. This allows you to delegate work precisely and keep everyone necessary in the loop.

What’s great about this option is that no matter how massive your team might be, you can always figure out who is responsible for a specific part of your campaign.

Update your project information

As your project moves on, it’s crucial that you know at which point your current campaign stands. This is important for you, the manager, and your stakeholders. With MS Project you can manually update the progress of each task. You can add the percentage of completion and present it using a Gannt Chart. Moreover, you can update task deadlines if there’s a need for it. Best of all, you have the ability to form progress reports and share info with your superiors. There are multiple visual representation tools that you can use to showcase your progress.

If you have to change some task details, this app makes task updates easy to perform. You can choose a specific task at any point and add more information to it or change it in any way you want.


Microsoft Project is an easy-to-use tool, with a clever user interface that makes navigation seamless even for beginners. It provides a multitude of tools that each project manager needs for a successful marketing campaign. It’s fair to say that this software is only available as a premium service. However, keeping in mind the benefits it brings, it’s absolutely a worthy investment for every marketing business.