Have you noticed that everyone, every competitor, every business-to-business brand is doing webcasts or webinars? Webcasts must be the “killer marketing app”, but then you produce a webcast and 5 people register for it, and 2 show up.

Ok, perhaps some exaggeration, but for many marketers webcast success can be elusive. Which begs the question, how can webcasts be more effective? Answer: planning, execution, branding, promotion, and much more. How about a printable pdf of 57-Point Webcast Effectiveness Checklist more?

Before we get to that checklist, please consider that unless you are a celebrity, or your company is a Unicorn, your product/service might be boring? Yet webcasts are used by lots of boring companies and services. So how are they successful? Again, no silver bullets but do consider having a referenceable customer or client as a panelist on your webcast. Why? Because you are likely a vendor. Prospects often don’t want to hear from a vendor. Prospects are however, very interested in listening to their peers, or even competitors. In sum, panelist recruitment is critical to webcast success.

Next, please consider the topic, and specifically the title of your webcast. It must be interesting, even provocative. Do some A/B testing of titles via email or even Twitter. Compare title engagement, and move forward with the better, tested title.

Ok, so you have one or more panelists and an interesting title. Now all you need is a mountain of marketing, communications, and promotion. To maximize webcasts registrations, you also need time. That is, start the promotion cycle 60 days out from the webcast (longer if possible). But wait, before you start the “marketing machine” you will need the panelist(s), topic/title, and other tactical items like a webcast registration page, a news announcement, possibly a website banner or call-to-action (CTA), and more. Please do not attempt to produce a webcast 2-weeks prior–it will really suck!

About that mountain of marketing, communications, and promotion—the most effective webcasts employ multiple marketing channels that will be identified in the 57-Point Webcast Effectiveness Checklist including a news announcement, blog, social media posts, email campaigns, directory listings, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and more. So without further ado…

57 Webcast Checklist

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Webcast Success is Possible

Successful webcasts require a lot of work, much planning, and timely execution.

The promise of a successful webcast is a lot of registrations from often marketing qualified leads (MQLs), and potentially sales qualified leads (SQLs), along with the opportunity to reinforce your brand as a thought leader for the subject matter. And webcasts are the gift that keeps giving, with On-Demand video versions useable for YouTube channels, and website resources.

Avoid “sucking” by recruiting an interesting panelist, creating an interesting title, and marketing early and often using the printable pdf of 57-Point Webcast Effectiveness Checklist.

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