Marketers need to begin preparing for WhatsApp advertising. Facebook is all set to start cashing in on the massive popularity of its free messaging application. With 1.5 billion total users and 450 million daily active users worldwide, you had to know it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Late last summer, Facebook introduced News Feed ads that could be launched right in the encrypted chat app. This made it possible for advertisers to utilize Facebook to engage consumers and get them to start a chat with a business or a brand on WhatsApp.

Facebook recently further enhanced their click-to-WhatsApp ad capabilities by providing traffic, conversions, and post page engagement objectives to these specific campaigns. This allows for better integration and tracking between Facebook and WhatsApp, creating a stronger overall engagement strategy. Directions for how to create click-to-WhatsApp ads can be found here.

WhatsApp Business Benefits

This was all part of bigger push that really started in January of 2018 with the beginning of WhatsApp Business. Companies were able to start creating profile pages with targeted information such as website address, email address, operating hours, descriptions, etc. Shortcuts for quick replies from previously written messages and chat organizational tactics were also put in place to help businesses make the most of these new features.

Another aspect of WhatsApp Business allows for companies to support customers via the app, initially. As of January WhatsApp Business reports that 5 million businesses actively utilize this component. It’s great for customers as they are able to get real-time support for free. However, companies pay a fee anywhere from .5 cent to 9 cents per message, depending on the country. In January, it further extended these business features to the WhatsApp web and desktop client.

WhatsApp Ads to Appear in Status Feature

So advertising is next. While no official date has been set, it is expected this year. It’s been reported in several publications that the ads will appear in the Status carousel, a feature similar to Snapchat’s and Intagram’s Stories. Makes sense, as Status and Stories are the most popular features on these social media platforms.

Facebook has made it clear that it’s looking to monetize WhatsApp. Companies will have to consider their audience engagement rates with WhatsApp before deciding to move some of their ad budget in this direction. While it does provide a new space for companies to advertise in, as Facebook and Instagram have started to feel a little crowded at times.

The opportunity comes with a sense of concern as many marketers acknowledge that WhatsApp is a highly private communication tool and brands will need to proceed with caution. Companies will really need to consider how to create very personalized ads for this platform. While thought of as a form of social advertising, WhatsApp ads must balance users’ preferences with their company’s own messaging needs to strike the right cord between being unobtrusive and yet effective.

Social advertising can allow for profitable opportunities. Companies need to prepare for this additional digital marketing format that will be available with WhatApp ads. Modern Marketing Partners is here to help you build successful campaigns that maximize each platforms’ unique social environment.