In the not so distant past, marketing of software systems, hardware or IT services was secondary in importance to sales and business development. Today, changing market dynamics have forced IT product and service providers to reconsider and elevate marketing to mission critical status.

In our new whitepaper, Information Technology (IT) Marketing: 10 Modern Best Practices, we identity four reasons that effective IT marketing is more important than ever,  along with details on the Top 10 IT Marketing Best practices (below), an IT marketing infographic, and finally, a case study example.

So what types of marketing should IT firms undertake? What marketing is most effective? Here are our Top 10 Marketing Best Practices:

1. Analysis and planning

2. Build awareness

3. Leverage vendor support

4. Direct marketing

5. Referral program

6. Website improvement and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

7. Content marketing

8. Blogging

9. Social Media

10. Webcasts and live events

To survive and thrive, IT firms must effectively implement marketing using a variety of tightly integrated outbound and inbound marketing tactics (from the Top 10 list above), all focused on building awareness and generating sales leads.

For IT Marketing Best Practices detail, infographic, and case study please download a copy of the whitepaper by clicking here.