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5 Tools To Help You Make Data Driven Decisions standard

Data is increasingly important in today's market and has become a key piece to guide decision-making and strategic planning for companies across all segments. However, to transform this information into knowledge and competitive advantages, organizations need to prioritize data driven decisions. This term refers to data-driven organizational processes in which companies base their decision-making and strategic planning on the collection and analysis of information – rather than intuition or anecdotal experience. These decisions are not just a tool, but a whole methodology that gives organizations a more accurate idea of ​​their business, allowing them to take advantage of opportunities and anticipate trends and problems. For this to happen, the tools used in data driven companies collect data from different sources, both internal ...

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Why Understanding Consumer Behavior is Vital to Viable Marketing standard

No business can function without an effective marketing strategy. Having a great product or service is an important first step in building a business, but if no one knows the product exists, a company will never be very successful. Marketing is the engine behind business growth and sustainability. To create a viable marketing strategy, marketers need to have an in-depth understanding of the company’s ideal customers. It isn’t enough to know their income or age range — getting good results from marketing campaigns depends on understanding consumer behavior. What is Consumer Behavior? What goes through your mind when you decide to make a purchase? It depends on who you are, what kind of product you’re buying, and why you’re making the purchase. ...

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