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Why Fintech is Key to Building a Competitive Advantage in Marketing standard

Good software shapes the way that modern business is done. It allows companies to stay lean, implement data, save money, and reach the consuming public in ways that were never before possible. It can also be pretty confusing for the layperson. You know you need finance-related technology. You know that your marketing division needs access to data. But how are these two facts related? In this article, we explore how a good Fintech stack can help you revolutionize the way you appeal to customers. What is Fintech Fintech is shorthand for financial technology. Once you begin to get acquainted with the SaaS (software as a service) industry, you will quickly find that they love their abbreviations. It’s pretty advanced stuff. In fact, several ...

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Digital Transformation Supports Marketing and Finance Collaboration image

Marketing and Finance

Digital transformation continues to gain momentum, permeating corporations and organizations of all types and sizes, and deploying across functional areas. Digital transformation is defined as the use or adoption of technology, software and systems to improve and automate processes. The promise of Digital Transformation is disruption, new business models, productivity, cost savings, speed, and ideally improved financial results. Back to our title, like other functional areas, digital transformation is embraced by marketing and finance; providing new opportunities for collaboration between previously "siloed" or even adversarial departments. Following are details on how marketing and finance can collaborate, along with the Top 10 Marketing key performance indicators (KPIs). Today, marketing technology (MarTech), marketing automation, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), supports detailed and timely ...

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