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6 Ways Marketing and Accounting Overlap standard

When it comes to departmental differences, there's perhaps no greater dichotomy between marketing and accounting. These career paths tend to attract dramatically different personalities and offer contrasting experiences in their day-to-day work. However, one cannot survive without the other. There's a surprising amount of overlap between marketing and accounting initiatives. The better firms can bridge that gap, the more collaborative and productive the company will become. Here are six ways marketing and accounting can work together to create the proverbial dream team. Through HR, Recruitment, and Hiring Recruiting and the hiring process is a sweet spot where accounting and marketing come together under the umbrella of human resources (HR). Regardless of which position a company is hiring for, it's important to have feedback from ...

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9 Things You Need to Know About Investment Banking standard

Investment banking is not a new career position. While it was one of the main corporate posts for two decades, the financial crisis in the late 2000s has made it recovering ever since. Although the market of corporate and enterprises’ financial development and meeting their investment needs is still on the rise, recently it is heading in the exceptionally right direction and now it is the best time to rise with it. Therefore, if you’re seeing investment banking as a career, here are some basic things you should know about the industry and to help you understand the fundamentals of this career. Modern Outlook Nowadays, the summary of wholesale clients that want more sophisticated financial products than mere intermediating between them and ...

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5 Business Lessons You Should Have Learned In 2020 standard

Each year presents new challenges to businesses, but no one could have prepared for what 2020 would bring. With the political, economic, and social issues, compounded with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, brands have struggled to cope. Doing business through a global pandemic has been difficult. However, as FirstLight Home Care CEO Jeff Bevis highlights, some of the changes taking place now may force businesses to be more adaptable and resilient, which isn’t a bad thing. The challenge for you now is to monitor these changes and adjust accordingly. Here are some of the things that every business owner should have learned from 2020: Be open to innovation Quarantines and lockdowns have changed customer behavior and movement, so brands need to think creatively ...

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Digital Transformation Supports Marketing and Finance Collaboration image

Marketing and Finance

Digital transformation continues to gain momentum, permeating corporations and organizations of all types and sizes, and deploying across functional areas. Digital transformation is defined as the use or adoption of technology, software and systems to improve and automate processes. The promise of Digital Transformation is disruption, new business models, productivity, cost savings, speed, and ideally improved financial results. Back to our title, like other functional areas, digital transformation is embraced by marketing and finance; providing new opportunities for collaboration between previously "siloed" or even adversarial departments. Following are details on how marketing and finance can collaborate, along with the Top 10 Marketing key performance indicators (KPIs). Today, marketing technology (MarTech), marketing automation, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), supports detailed and timely ...

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