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How to Enhance Video Marketing with ActiveCampaign Automation standard

Video marketing is the quickest and most effective way to build brand credibility. People are more likely to be persuaded by video content, they’re more likely to pay attention, and they’re more likely to even give your message a chance.  Moreover, video content is your ticket to trustworthiness in an era where written content will get more and more commonly accused of being written by AI. Now, for any campaign to bear fruit, you must fulfill both quality and quantity quotas. Posting the best video ever made can make you go viral, but if you don’t make a follow-up with more content, people will quickly lose interest. The online world is saturated with content, so people are unlikely to constantly check ...

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The Benefits of Video Marketing: How Video Editing Can Help Boost Engagement standard

Video marketing is quite popular these days and helps businesses get a competitive edge in the market. It allows brands to reach their target audience and showcase their products and services creatively. Customers are more likely to make a purchase and trust your brand after watching a compelling video rather than reading a text. Statistics say that 87% of marketers increased their sales using video marketing. So read the article to find out more about video marketing benefits and editing videos for your effective marketing strategy.  Taken from:  Video Marketing Advantages You know that eye-catchy marketing videos can help you grab the audience’s attention and boost sales. There are many more benefits this marketing strategy can bring to your brand. Read ...

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Complete Video Marketing Guide: Everything You Should Know in 2022 standard

Video has changed the way brands market their organizations. With platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, video marketing is central to your campaign and outreach efforts. However, brands will need a strong video marketing strategy. If you aren’t creating video content, you’re probably far behind your competitors. It’s important to keep up with the trends so that your competitors don’t surpass you. If you want to grow your business, then here’s everything you should know about video marketing in 2022! What is Video Marketing and Why It’s Important Video marketing uses visuals to promote a product, event, or service. This type of marketing is designed to increase engagement through social activity. This is because the majority of internet users prefer video ...

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Give Long-Form Video a Go image

Instagram TV

In our last blog we discussed how to utilize live video in a company’s marketing mix. Live broadcasting allows for real-time company and customer interaction on social media’s most popular platforms. It may also seem a little scary for a company, especially one who hasn’t done much video creation in the past, to jump into live streaming. So let’s talk about another option companies should consider, thanks to Instagram’s new platform launch over the summer. In June, Instagram introduced IGTV, a new platform that allows companies to upload their phone-captured, long-form (as in up to an hour) videos for their followers to watch. This comes five years after the launch of video on Instagram, which only allows for one-minute videos that ...

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Boost Your Brand With Live Video image

Live Broadcasting

Live broadcasting offers businesses a way to give customers an inside look at their brand and tell their story in a little more interesting and engaging way. Companies of all sizes and social media budgets need to consider taking advantage of live streaming’s unique capabilities to provide timely content that captivates followers. This type of content is where all the growth is expected to happen over the next couple of years and therefore, stands to reason that it will boost a company’s growth strategy on social media as well. What is Live Broadcasting Live broadcasting can be done through these main social media platforms: Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live or Twitter’s Periscope. Live broadcasting allows for real-time conversations with a ...

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