Digital marketing is, on the one hand, a constant search for new ideas, and on the other hand, it is attention to the smallest details. How to combine two such different components and not lose the ability to be creative? Let’s think together about the sources of creative growth for a marketer. After all, we all know that without this, the world of modern professions can not.


Get marketing ideas from movies about marketing, business, and sales

Inspirational movies are a great idea to combine leisure and professional growth. Although there are not as many exciting scripts about marketing as there are about secret agents, for example, we will prepare a dozen interesting films for you. Although not all of these movies are directly about content marketing, immersing yourself in watching you will feel inspired. This will definitely trigger an awesome idea.

Make your favorite drink and popcorn and enjoy almost two hours of rest.

  1. The LEGO Movie (2014).
  2. Groundhog Day (1993).
  3. Art & Copy (2009).
  4. What Women Want (2000).
  5. The Neverending Story (1984).
  6. In Good Company (2004).
  7. Steve Jobs (2015).
  8. Thank You for Smoking (2005).
  9. Crazy People (1990).
  10. The Greatest Showman (2017).

Continue this list with your movies for inspiration. And don’t be surprised if in the middle of watching you come up with a marketing idea that you’ve been unsuccessfully looking for during the workday.

Consider marketing strategy by listening to podcasts and watching videos on YouTube

No wonder podcasts have gained wide popularity in the world in a short period. You can walk your dog, stand in traffic jams in the morning, play sports, or clean the room. At this time, listen to the conversation of successful marketers about interesting cases or the latest industry news.

After motivating videos and inspiring conversations, a digital marketing strategy will appear in your head as if by itself. This is how the human brain works: when you postpone a task but stay on the right wave, there is a subconscious solution.

Grow in digital marketing by studying successful cases

You can study the best marketing cases on specialized Telegram channels. New ideas do not just appear. As you study the cases of successful marketers, you will notice extraordinary original solutions. Create a special document for notes and make notes about interesting details. And when you’re working on a new project, just open this notebook and review the notes. This will be your source of inspiration for marketing ideas.

Study people’s psychology and behavior

Social media marketing is based on people’s behavior. When you study your target audience, prescribe a unique sales proposition, build a sales funnel, and develop a new marketing strategy, you are working with psychological factors. The deeper you delve into the basics of human behavior, the clearer the overall picture will emerge in your strategies.


The best marketing books are based on psychological research and analysis of behavioral factors. Read and find answers to your questions. A successful marketer is an inquisitive marketer.

Attend marketing webinars

Professional webinars will help to improve efficiency. Schedule at least a few such events a year in your schedule. Marketing webinars have several useful consequences:

  • you will learn about the latest news in your field, which is changing very dynamically;
  • you have the opportunity to meet successful marketers and ask them questions;
  • you chat with colleagues and establish contacts.

Webinars are a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and communication. Also, if you know how to record a streaming video, you can watch the highlights a few more times.

Build your networking in the world of marketing

A successful marketer not only uses theoretical knowledge and practical experience. They also know how to communicate properly with people. And for this, you need to constantly communicate with colleagues in the market.


A tool like influencer marketing cannot be used to its full potential without certain information. Before you start working with a blogger, ask the opinion of colleagues who have worked with them. This way you will avoid many mistakes.

Work on developing creative abilities


Boost creativity by devoting some time to this area every day. Here are some tips on how to do it.

  1. Take care of your physical health. Healthy food, adequate sleep, exercise, and walks in the fresh air are all the basis of normal human well-being. Bad habits, on the other hand, destroy both your body and your creativity.
  2. Develop attentiveness and concentration. There are many creative practices: morning pages, slow reading of literary texts, breathing exercises, meditation techniques. Choose what you like and practice every day.
  3. Find your hobby. It should be a lesson in which you lose track of time. It doesn’t matter if you paint landscapes or grow flowers. The main thing is that you immerse yourself in this activity and feel the influx of energy after it.
  4. Travel. New places give new impressions and acquaintances. And this inspires new ideas.

And finally, another piece of advice. Learn to rest properly. Plan your vacation the way you plan business negotiations and stages of work on an interesting project. No matter how much you love marketing, get out of your work environment bubble. Rest and come back refreshed. Believe me, brilliant marketing ideas will not be delayed after a quality holiday.

How does a marketer catch an idea?

As you can see, there is no single universal advice. The field of marketing is too dynamic to develop a certain algorithm for all occasions. Gain new knowledge, follow successful cases, draw inspiration from various sources, and communicate with colleagues. And don’t forget to take care of yourself.