By now, many business owners are familiar with the different types of digital marketing. Digital marketing is just like traditional marketing, except all marketing efforts are done online. The most common types of digital marketing include affiliate marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. However, there are a few other different types of digital marketing, all of which could be helpful to your business.

#1: Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is software that businesses use for repetitive marketing tasks in order to promote their products and services. One of the most popular marketing operations that are automated is that of email marketing. When current customers subscribe to a business’s newsletter, they receive information about sales, new products, and other things relating to the company right to their emails, usually on a daily basis. This type of marketing software pinpoints these efforts to the customers who want to see them, allowing those who do not, to unsubscribe, or reduce the number of emails they receive. This type of marketing can also be used for businesses to schedule certain content on their social media pages.

#2: Online PR

Very similar to traditional PR methods, online PR simply takes place in the digital world. This is all about engaging with your customers. For example, when customers review your products or services on your website, practicing good online PR means that you will engage with your customers, whether the reviews are good or bad. This also goes for comments left on your website’s blog; engaging with the readers of your blog humanizes your brand, making it easier for people to relate to.

#3: PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC is a type of digital marketing that is seen all over social media in particular. Many of the ads we see on Facebook are paid ads, meaning that the company that created the ad pays a specified fee every time a Facebook user clicks on the ad, which then results in the user spending money because of the ad. These ads are targeted to the people most likely to click on the ad. Google Ads is another example of PPC, where a company pays to have its website ranked in the #1 spot on Google when someone conducts a search relating to the company’s content. Payment (by the company) is made each time a searcher clicks on the link, which will hopefully result in turning the searcher into a customer.

#4: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Every business that has a website can benefit from SEO marketing strategies. When people search the internet for information on a specific product or service, they usually look no further than the first page of whichever search engine (usually Google) they choose to use. Using proper SEO techniques allows your business’s website to “rank higher” or come up as one of the first few search results on the first page of a search engine. This is how companies are able to attract new customers who may have never even heard of their company before. There are SEO companies that specialize in certain types of businesses, with an example being SEO for Growth being one of the best law firm SEO companies.

#5: Sponsored Content

Also known as influencer marketing, this form of digital marketing has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Influencer marketing is when you pay another business, person, or some type of entity to promote your products or services and your brand on their social media accounts. This is mostly done by having a business sponsor one or more people, usually by providing them with free products or services, in exchange for them speaking positively about the company. Sponsored content can also be in the form of a blog post that highlights the products or services of a specific brand.

When using digital marketing strategies, it’s good to try out more than one type. This way, you’ll be able to see which strategy (or strategies) produces the best results for your company.