Marketing moves so fast nowadays that even new businesses can be behind the curve. Although there will always be trends that come and go, there tends to be major evolutions in the field of digital marketing that impact every industry’s performance. Knowing which concepts you need to adopt as principles will enable you to routinely improve your marketing campaigns’ performance without wasting money or time on strategies that don’t resonate with your audience. Below are five signs that your marketing could use a tune-up.

You’re Wasting Time and Money on Press Releases

Client outreach has evolved over the last decade to the point where most formal press releases are obsolete. Modern PR is digital, and unless you’re a large-scale company with a noteworthy name and major announcement, press releases likely won’t drive business the way you expect them to. Focus more on your digital presence. How can you create releases that are both valuable and engaging to your audience? The immediacy of social media renders a majority of traditional PR techniques uninspiring and outdated. Think emails, DMs and Instagram announcements. These capture people’s attention right away and allow them to take immediate action rather than simply passively hearing something about your brand. Below are five signs that your marketing could use a tune-up.

You Haven’t Optimized Your Site for Years

SEO might be a staple of web design, but it’s not a static set of rules and principles you can expect to work forever. Search engine optimization in 2021 is more dynamic than ever. You need to ensure every page on your website performs its role and drives traffic from the top search engines. SEO is a full-time job, but not every company can afford to bring on a specialist. For that reason, there are a host of free tools online that can help you optimize your site without spending thousands of dollars. You can get a free SEO audit right now that will tell you what aspects of your site are outdated and receive personalized recommendations on what to improve.

Gaining Followers Is Your Primary Objective on Social Media

The most outdated marketing tactic would be not using social media at all, but the second would be focusing solely on numbers. Followers do very little in business if they don’t convert to actual clients. You can have 10,000 profiles following your Instagram page, but what value does that translate to your bottom line if none of them ever become customers? Rather than attempting to build a presence that has an initial wow factor based on scale alone, companies need to bring attention to the quality, consistency and nature of their content. This also requires being an active consumer and interacting more with clients and brands online. Algorithms favor pages that are both avid consumers and creators.

You Don’t Segment Your Audience

You already know about the importance of defining your core audience, but how much do you really know about each individual within that group? Audience segmentation is the practice of breaking down your audience into smaller brackets based on criteria like their preferences, psychological traits and behaviors. By doing this, you become more capable of creating content that performs well and leads to higher conversions. Engagement is hard to come by when you’re just throwing a post to the masses and hoping the right people see it. You can’t please everyone, so start identifying the most profitable segments in your audience and focus on building a greater relationship with them.