When marketing is concerned, popular figures have long been playing a vital role in lubricating sales funnels.

Whether you look at Tina Fey endorsing American Express or Mariah Carey signing a sponsored post with Airbnb, they’ve all contributed to raising the stakes for influencer marketing.

And then, thanks to the internet for enabling even normal people with the right knowledge and social media engagement to affect buying decisions of millions of people.

The way this idea works and has worked for businesses worldwide has resulted in 55% B2B business owners believing that their influencer marketing campaigns helped them better their B2B lead generation rates.

Stats like these motivate businesses to start investing in influencer marketing. But, right before they actually go for it, it’s better to acquire the right kind of knowledge.

These influencer marketing tips will guarantee you success with your influencer campaigns.

1. Invite Influencers to Your Events

One great way of spreading the word out loud about your brand is by organizing exhibitions and conferences.

Businesses spending 1.7x of the average event marketing budget were most successful in 2018. Plus, 41% of marketers consider events as the single-most effective marketing channel over digital advertising, email marketing, and content marketing.

So, when events can work for them, why can’t they work for you?

Understand this. Organize a grand event. Invite all your B2B prospects and relevant influencers.

The next thing you’d need to do is make sure that the event is spot on so, the influencers actually want to talk about it on their media channels.

To start with, focus on aesthetics. Most of the influencers in 2019 use qualified super aesthetic content to engage with their audience and earn more followers. For this reason, they’d never share pictures from an event that isn’t Instagrammable.

Secondly, focus on adding value through your event. Talk about the questions that trouble most businesses in your clientele or B2B audience. Anything less than that can make your audience feel like you wasted their time. Never let that happen.

Thirdly, encourage your influencers to share live stories from your event. It’s a fact now. Live videos perform better than recorded videos.

Also, don’t forget to create and use the right hashtags for your event.

2. Make use of Influencer Testimonials

Studies show that testimonials can boost brand revenues by up to 62%; from every customer and every visit.

This clearly proves that if you haven’t already, this is the time you start acquiring and using testimonials.

So, first of all, find the right influencers creating content relevant to your industry. Secondly, offer them to use your products/services for free and then ask for feedback.

This way, you will have honest feedback from a professional in your industry.

Plus, if they like your product/service, you can ask them for the favor of recording or writing a testimonial for your website.

Similarly, you can also ask your actual customers to provide their testimonials.

3. Conduct Interviews

Being seen on an influencer’s media channels will expand your brand’s reach. However, that’s not the only way it works.

You can also invite influencers to go live with you on your media channel for an exclusive interview.

In this interview, you can best address the most popular yet least answered questions relating to your business’ industry.

Also, you can accept requests from the audience and make the interview more interactive and interesting by asking them to share some personal experiences that they had to go through while striving to thrive in this industry.

This can greatly help your B2B brand by unlocking new engagement channels for your products. And as the influencers may also share this interview their audience may become aware of your brand.

Final words

Holding great growth potential for businesses across all industries, influencer marketing can be the next big thing. This encourages businesses to invest in influencer marketing.

But then the implementation isn’t that easy and obvious. Keeping that in mind, we mentioned 3 tips to make the most out of your B2B influencer marketing campaign.