Are you wondering if it is necessary to hire an SEO consultant in 2019? Regardless of the size of your company, incorporating good SEO tactics can give you a significant advantage over your competition. Small businesses tend not to hire SEO strategists.  

This is because they either feel they can do it themselves or they assume an agency will be too expensive. Here we will discuss the reasons you should consider hiring an SEO consultant.

Get Higher Rankings on Google

A site with poor optimization will not rank favorably on Google. Websites that are well-optimized will appear in numerous searches organically. SEO companies offering content marketing services are able to help by making significant changes to your content for higher rankings.

SEO Consultants Monitor the Activity of Your Competition

If you notice that your competition is outperforming you for relevant searches, this is because they are winning the SEO war.  Even if you appear on the first page, your competitors can get your prospective traffic if they outrank you. SEO consultants help to keep your website from being exceeded by your competition.

Consultants Stay Abreast of Algorithm Updates

Google is infamous for its many algorithm changes. These Changes can knock you right out of the rankings without warning.  Changes to Google Panda’s algorithm have affected many sites over the years.  

The sudden and unexpected changes are updated too often for the layman to keep up with.  An SEO consultant is trained to stay up-to-date with the knowledge regarding these changes and able to make the needed adjustments to your website.  

SEO Strategist Will Offer Understanding When Your Ranking Slips

If you have noticed that your website has fallen in the rankings, this may be puzzling to you.  Outdated and duplicate content is often the reason for this. Google punishes sites that exhibit poor SEO practices. Using irrelevant keywords or keyword stuffing are punishable acts in the eyes of the search engine. An SEO expert will assist you in the restoration of your ranking.  

Was Your Site Hacked?

If your site was victimized by an attack by hackers, you would need to take quick and decisive action.  Hacking can not only threaten your site’s security, but it can also diminish your search engine rankings. SEO consultants can help restore your rankings.


Whether you are looking for more site conversions or trying to bounce back from fallen rankings, SEO consultants will give you the assistance you need.  The need for these professionals is not less significant in 2019, in fact, they are even more critical than ever. With all of the unexpected changes that Google makes, it is to your benefit to find a professional that can get your website in a dominant position in the SERP rankings.

You no longer have to wonder why your website is not gaining traction in the search engines. By hiring an SEO consultant, you will be taking the destiny of your website’s positioning in the search engines into your own hands.