It’s difficult to find someone these days that doesn’t keep their phone nearby. Text messages, in particular, are opened far more often than almost any other marketing channel. With this in mind, why wouldn’t marketers want to use it in their marketing efforts? We’ve compiled some important statistics about text message marketing and its usefulness. Keep reading to discover just how effective a tool text message marketing can be.

When Is It Being Used?

Understanding how fellow marketers are using text messaging will help you better understand how to use it for your business. For one, marketers like using it for important and urgent messages. It’s also an effective tool when other channels prove ineffective.

How Quick is Response?

Everyone acknowledges that text messages work very quickly. 76% of buyers believe that text messaging has the potential to speed up the sales process. 95% of sellers agree. There’s proof to back these opinions up. 58% will respond within 10 minutes; 17% will respond in under a minute. Can you think of another channel with such a quick response rate?

How Do Buyers Feel?

Almost half of buyers (44%-46%) believe it’s appropriate to use text messaging in the following scenarios:

  • Status updates
  • Appointment and deadline reminders
  • Missing document notifications
  • Urgent and important notifications
  • When having trouble connecting through other channels

The following scenarios are less welcome, however, they are trending up as attitudes about text messaging change.

  • Just to say hello
  • Happy birthday wishes
  • Promotions or special programs

How well the buyer knows the business affects their opinion of text messaging as a communication option as well. They’re twice as likely to be receptive of it if they know the business. Further, text messages when the prospect does know the business can increase conversion by as much as 328%. However, if they don’t have a relationship with a business, reaching out via text decreases the likelihood of reaching the lead by 39%. So unless a customer initiates text, it may not be a good idea to use it with a new prospect.

Buyers even prefer text over email for important and urgent messages. Further, text messaging’s popularity is trending up, while email is falling. In some scenarios, text messaging is replacing tried and true forms of communication.

What’s Everybody Else Doing?

Plenty of buyers are open to text, however, only 28% of sellers frequently use it. However, 87% plan to increase their use of it during the next 5, so the time to adopt it is now.

Why aren’t sellers using text more? It’s often one of 3 reasons.

  1. 56% cite compliance concerns.
  2. 50% can’t find a convenient tool to do so.
  3. 34% don’t want to use their personal cell phone.

And the big guys? They use text messaging even more. Large sellers with 500+ salespeople had very different options of text messaging from the rest:

  • They believe it speeds up the sales process (71% vs. 57%).
  • They use it for urgent information (71% vs. 41%).
  • They’re twice as likely to always text (21% vs. 10%).

Don’t Neglect This Trending Communication Channel

Buyers are open to it. Competitors are planning to increase their use of it. Response times are crazy fast. There are a number of reasons to use text message marketing immediately, so don’t hesitate.

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