This post isn’t about us, as in Modern Marketing Partners. It’s about you. More specifically, it’s about your company’s website’s About Us page and why it probably needs some attention.

Marketing professionals know (we look at Google Analytics) that About Us pages are some of the most frequently visited pages by customers, or more importantly, potential customers. They are one of the important stops a visitor on your site makes when considering to do business with you. And yet, many About Us pages are poorly written, lack creativity and are just plain boring.

Think for a second about the last time you visited a company’s About Us page. You wanted to get to know the people behind the company, right? You may have even wanted to like the people behind the company you were going to purchase from. That’s what you need to remember along with these three tactics when working on your About Us page.

Make It Human

And that’s probably one of the greatest aspects of an About Us page, its ability to convey the very human side of your organization. No matter how large or small your company is, it had to start somewhere with someone. Maybe that can be your jumping off point. Content that is too formal and stiff, that sounds too professional, will lose people’s interest. Humanizing your company can create a connection with people that leads to establishing credibility and gaining trust.

Make It Authentic

How do you make connections? Try to be as authentic as possible. This is easier said then done. Your instinct is probably to sound like an expert in your industry and to demonstrate all your capabilities. Instead, try using photos and videos to convey some of your messaging. The expression a picture is worth a thousand words is true. You and your employees at work or at a team event instantly help you be relatable.

Know Your Audience

Another characteristic inherent in a good About Us page is that it understands who its audience is. Sure, you might want lots of people to visit your About Us page, but realistically they all won’t be doing business with you. Providing content that speaks directly to your core customers specifically on this page immediately demonstrates that you get them – you know them — just like an old friend.

Very simply, your About Us page provides the context for your business. It gives people an idea about why they should care about you, or as we said in the beginning, even like you. You have to spend some time in that creative zone to generate something that can live up to that goal.

Here are some tactics to get your creative juices flowing and help you think about the attributes of your company:

  • Check out many About Us pages in your industry
  • Use your mission statement or values to get the wheels turning
  • Next, break them into small tangible blocks of content
  • If you’ve got a long company history, graph your milestones
  • Tell them your promise, or better yet, show them your promise
  • Remember your company culture can often be captured in pictures and videos
  • Tell a story, preferably your unique one, that shapes how, why or what you do
  • Don’t be afraid to include an award or membership you’re proud of

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