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Today, website excellence is critical to business results and success. Search engines continue to reduce organic traffic, while competitors and paid search chisel at your share of keyword search results.

That said, with todays tools there are no excuses to achieve anything less than website excellence. Mobile, load speed, security and trust are all ranking factors, and impact user experience (UX). Content is king, and social media integrates with both (website and content).

At Modern Marketing Partners (MMP) website excellence is in our DNA. It is the foundation of our marketing.  MMP has designed and developed thousands of websites for startups, Global and Fortune 5000 corporations, e-commerce, business and consumer, and even one of the highest traffic websites in the world.

More About Mobile, Trust and Secure Website Design

Google has reported that nearly 70% of searches are now being conducted on smart phone or tablet. What does this mean for your business? You need a mobile/responsive website. A responsive website is one that adapts/resizes to all screen sizes, no matter what the device the website is being displayed on. Responsive design offers visitors a better UX, and even SEO benefits. Supporting mobile is website load speed, which can be a search ranking factor, and is critical when searching with mobile device. Slow is a no go. Speed can be optimized.

In 2018, Google updated it’s algorithm to to reward security via SSL/HTTPS. In fact, the Google Chrome browser initially displayed a Not Secure message (not a good UX). Yes you must upgrade website hosting.

Last but not least, “trust” can a ranking factor, and certainly a UX benefit. Quality of backlinks support trust, along with Privacy statements, Terms and Conditions, Cookies statements, GDPR compliance, and trust “badges”.

No question, effective website design is complicated and often executed poorly. Expertise and investment is required. Return on investment (ROI) is the opportunity. MMP can be your digital partner that helps you achieve success. Please request a complimentary website assessment or consultation via the MMP contact form.

Website Design Portfolio

Below are a few examples of websites we’ve created (click to enlarge). Visit our portfolio for more examples.

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