Since the early days of the internet, everyone, from YouTubers to ordinary people to businesses and beyond, have wanted to create content that resonates with a wide audience and is shared worldwide. As the days of the internet have gone on, there’s more opportunity than ever to go viral – you have a variety of platforms to choose from, minimal barriers to entry; virtually anyone, anywhere can do it. However, that means there’s also an increasing number of content to compete against. So how do you create content that gets a plentitude of shares and traffic to your site? We’ll break down the trends of viral content and how you can achieve it yourself.

Viral Content Trends

Viral content comes in a variety of forms and mediums. Here’s some viral content trends seen in 2017.

What Type of Content was Shared Most?

Video were shared more in 2017 than in 2016 and were shared most of any content type, according to MarketingProfs. Lists, how-to articles, and infographics were all shared less in 2017 than they had been in 2016. It may be best to create more video, if you want to go viral.

Average Number of Shares Webpages


How Does Content Length Affect Shares?

Content with 3000 or more words tended to get shared the most. Interestingly, 2001-3000 words were shared the least. If you’re planning to write a comprehensive guide (likely over 3000+), go for it, because content of this length is most often shared. If you’re writing frequently on a blog, however, try not to surpass 2000 words; it may be too lengthy for visitors to read, making them less likely to share.

Average Number of Shares Articles

Create Your Own Viral Content

You know that videos and long-form content do well. What other tips exist to help you create viral content? See below.

Solve a Problem

Find out what your problems your target audience has and what they’re searching for. Be the solution to the information they seek. Remember to title it in similar terms they’d use for a Google search.

Come Up with the Perfect Title

Avoid overly vague titles. Rather, create a title that gives a reader a sneak peak at what you are planning to discuss, in the most concise way possible. Remember that people scroll through pretty quickly, so make sure to use language that will pique their interest and convince them to pause and click.

Remember the Visual

Whether you need to find the right photo to head your blog or you need an impactful visual for your video, it’s important to use the eye to draw the reader in. Always try to use your own original photos and videos. These photos/videos have to be high quality and not grainy or blurry; people expect this nowadays and it’s a quick way to turn someone off. Make sure the photo/video is relevant and tells a story itself, even before the viewer immerses his or herself in the content.

Also, remember that within any written content, you should remember visual throughout – use images throughout the content. This way, you’ll keep them engaged after you draw them in.

Make it Emotional

Readers are more likely to share something if it makes them feel something – anger, happiness, amusement, etc. Even B2B writers can encourage emotion through their storytelling. Do this, and you’ll be watching the shares increase with ease.

Consider Interactive

Reading can be boring; consider making your content more interactive. Quizzes or tests are a great way to do this. Not only is more fun, but they may share their results with their friends, leading to curious new friends taking the quiz themselves. It’s a great way to gain shares.

Do Some Sharing Yourself

Proud of your content? Then talk about it.

  • Tag anyone you interviewed or used as a source for your content. Try to increase your use of interviews – the more people involved in a piece, the more likely they are to share it!
  • Share it with relevant publications, groups, or pages, either via message or tagging. Don’t be afraid to ask them to share or offer input.
  • Regularly share content from others; this way, they’ll be more likely to share yours.

Also, to make sure your content continues to pick up momentum:

  • Practice good SEO, so people can continue to find it.
  • Respond to all comments, so readers stay engaged.
  • Do maintenance on older content periodically, just in case older content goes viral.

Go Viral or Go Home

Viral isn’t easy, but it’s so valuable. Work hard to create unique, high-quality content. Create headlines and visuals to command attention. Watch your content length and consider videos. Put your best content out there. All of these tips increase your odds of being shared, and then shared again. It’s not unachievable, but it requires marketers to push their most creative content, and to make each piece the best it could be.

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